Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Walkthrough Part 17 – Great Glacier

A complete walkthrough for the Gaea’s Cliff - Great Glacier in Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) including enemies appearing, obtainable items, and boss strategy guides.

Walkthrough Part 17 – Great Glacier


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Obtainable Elements

Item Location
Mind Source Located in Area 3.
Potion Located in Area 5, near the ice platforms.
Safety Bit Located in Area 6, inside the cave.
Added Cut Materia Located in Area 10, lying on the snow, nearly invisible.
Alexander Summon Materia Located at Area 13. Touch the hot spring first in Area 11, then head to Area 13. You will then have to head northwest towards a snowy field. Use the marker poles as your guide and exit on the east side. Follow the trail that leads to a cave. There you will find a man you will fight. After you defeat him, he disappears and leaves the Alexander Summon Materia.
All Materia In the middle area of Area 13. It is inside a huge rock with a hole where you can go inside to find a tent.
Circlet Obtained by stealing from a Snow enemy. The enemy is shaped like a woman.


FFVII Great Glacier Map

Mini-game: Snowboarding

Depending on which path you go down in the Snowboarding mini-game, you’ll end up in one of the following areas:

  • Left followed by a left: Area 3
  • Left followed by a right: Area 1
  • Right followed by a right: Area 2
  • Right followed by a left: Area 7
1 Go left, then left again to end up in Area 3. Look for an item bag containing a Mind Source, then head east to Area 5.
2 If you pass out, you’ll wake up at the base of Gaea’s Cliff near Area 13.
3 To get the Safety Bit item, go to Area 5 by landing in Area 3. Once you get to Area 5, head towards the thin sheets of ice. Pick up a Potion along the way.
4 On the way to Area 6, you will encounter a mini-puzzle where you have to jump onto icebergs to get into a cave. Once you hop onto the first iceberg, use the following directions:
Up – Left – Down – Left – Up – Right – Up (x3) – Left – Down – Right (x2) – Up
5 To get the Added Cut Materia, head to Area 5 and then northeast to Area 7. Once you get to the lone pine tree, head to the right to get to Area 10.
6 Head down the top-right path until you see the All Materia on the second screen.
7 To get the Alexander Summon Materia, first travel to Area 11 where you have to interact with the hot spring. You can get to Area 11 by either ending up in Area 10 and heading to the top-left, or by falling unconscious, ending up in Area 13, and heading down.
8 After you touch the hot spring, head back to Area 13, passing the huge snowy field. Make sure to exit via the east side of the field.
9 Follow the trail to a cave. There, you will see a man you need to talk to.
10 The man will fight you if you touched the hot spring before you talk to him. He drops the Alexander Summon Materia once defeated.
11 To locate the All Materia, head to the center of Area 13. There, you will find a huge rock that can be entered once examined.
12 Once inside the rock, examine the tent to get the All Materia.
13 After getting all the items, head north from the base of Gaea’s Cliff near Mr. Holzoff’s cabin.
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