Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Bottomswell Boss Guide

A boss guide for Bottomswell in Final Fantasy (VII,) including boss stats, attacks, and strategies on defeating it.

Bottomswell Boss Guide

Bottomswell Boss Guide

Bottomswell Boss Stats

Level 23
HP 2500
MP 100
Weakness Wind
Strong Against Gravity
Absorbs None
Immunity Earth
EXP 550
Item Rewards Power Wrist

Bottomswell Boss Attacks

1) Bodyblow

Bottomswell Boss Guide

Bottomswell’s Bodyblow deals physical damage to one party member. The boss only uses this attack against the party member with the highest current health.

2) Tail Attack

Bottomswell Boss Guide

Tail Attack also inflicts physical damage to one party member with Bottomswell’s spiky tail.

3) Waterball

Bottomswell Boss Guide

Waterball summons a bubble to trap an opponent and inflict Imprison and Seizure, paralyzing them and whittling their HP until it breaks.

4) Moonstrike

Bottomswell Boss Guide

Bottomswell uses this attack after it reaches its second form, its tail becoming redder. Moonstrike inflicts physical damage to one party member.

5) Big Wave

Bottomswell Boss Guide

When Bottomswell is about to die, it will cast Big Wave, which inflicts damage to all party members.

Bottomswell Boss Guide Strategy

Use Party Members with Long Range Attacks

Bottomswell Boss Guide

Use long-range attacks and magic to easily defeat this boss. Using Yuffie and/or Barret is a plus, since their normal attacks can hit from a distance. The boss also has a weakness to wind, so you can summon Choco or Mog to perform a wind attack.

Break the Bubble

It has a pesky attack in Waterball which allows it to trap a single target in a bubble. This bubble drains HP and prevents the character from acting. Use magic to break the bubble. You can also apply the All Materia to your magic attacks so that it will also hit Bottomswell when you destroy the Waterball.

Prepare High HP for Big Wave

Bottomswell Boss Guide

Bottomswell’s last resort before dying is the Big Wave, which can cause heavy damage if you are not prepared. Make sure that your party’s HP is high before ending the battle.

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