Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Materia Keeper Boss Guide

A boss guide for Materia Keeper in Final Fantasy (VII,) including boss stats, attacks, and strategies on defeating it.

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Materia Keeper


Level 38
HP 8400
MP 300
Weakness None
Strong Against None
Absorbs Fire
Immunity None
EXP 3000
Item Rewards Jem Ring


1) Hell Combo

Materia Keeper Boss Guide

An attack that deals heavy damage. The boss may use this during the early stages of the battle.

2) Trine

Materia Keeper Boss Guide

A dangerous attack that deals lightning damage to all party members. A party member with an Enemy Skill Materia can copy this move.

3) Cure2

Materia Keeper Boss Guide

The boss often uses this whenever its health falls below one thousand.


Avoid Using Fire

Materia Keeper Boss Guide

When the battle starts, cast Big Guard as soon as it’s available. Avoid using any fire magic or summoning Ifrit as the boss absorbs fire attacks. You can use all other summons and limit breaks whenever you get a chance. Poisoning the boss with Bio is also a viable strategy.

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