Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - ATB Combat System

An overview of Final Fantasy 7's Active Time Battle system and the different modes it can be switched to during battles.

Active Time Battle

Time Based Actions

Unlike most previous Final Fantasy games where characters acted in a set cycle of turns, Final Fantasy 7 uses the Active Time Battle system, or ATB system. Here, each character has a bar that fills as time passes. Once full, the character can make an action. Enemies, however, attack at regular intervals rather than use a time gauge.

If you want to command another character with a filled gauge rather than the first filled, switch to them with △.

ATB Settings During Battle

How time advances during a battle with ATB can be configured. This can be done as a way to tweak the game’s difficulty. The different modes, in order of difficulty, are active, recommended, and wait.

Active Time doesn’t stop for anything, save for summons. It will continue while attacking, casting magic, or when the game is waiting for commands.
Recommended Time advances while the game is waiting for a command or when the player is making their selection, but pauses during attacks and when casting magic.
Wait Time pauses for everything, letting the player take their time when making selections.

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