Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Motor Ball Boss Guide

A boss guide for Motor Ball in Final Fantasy (VII,) including boss stats, attacks, and strategies on defeating it.

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Motor Ball


Level 19
HP 2600
MP 120
Weakness Lightning
Strong Against Fire
Absorbs None
Immunity Poison, Gravity
EXP 440
Item Rewards Star Pendant


1) Arm Attack (Upright Form)

Motor Ball Boss Guide

The boss hits one party member with its arms while its torso rotates.

2) Rolling Fire (Upright Form)

Motor Ball Boss Guide

Deals heavy fire damage to all opponents.

3) Deadly Wheel (Upright Form)

When Motor Ball runs out of MP, he will use this attack instead of Rolling Fire. Inflicts physical damage to all party members.

4) Twin Burner (Flamethrower Form)

Motor Ball Boss Guide

Motor Ball transforms into another form and unleashes fire damage on all opponents.


Use Lightning Magic

Motor Ball Boss Guide

Since it is a mech boss, lightning magic will deal major damage to the boss. In addition, press L1 and R1 at the same time to battle the boss immediately at the start of the motorcycle chase

Be Mindful of Your Party’s HP

Make sure you have enough HP to prepare for its Rolling Fire attack. This can do around 80 to 90 damage to the entire party.

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