Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Walkthrough Part 23 – Defending Fort Condor

A complete walkthrough for the Defending Fort Condor in Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) including enemies encountered, obtainable items, and boss strategy guides.

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Walkthrough Part 23 – Defending Fort Condor


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Obtainable Items

Item Location
Imperial Guard A reward for defeating CMD Grand Horn
Phoenix Materia Located on the ground after exiting the Watch Room through the path that leads to the “top of the mountain.”
Hi-Potion Fort Condor Item Shop
Phoenix Down
Throw Materia Fort Condor Materia Store
Manipulate Materia
Deathblow Materia
Destruct Materia
All Materia

Walkthrough Part 23 – Defending Fort Condor Strategy

FFVII - Defending Fort Condor

Area: Fort Condor

1 Go to the entrance of Fort Condor and talk to the man blocking the way.
2 He will ask for your help in defending Fort Condor against the Shinra Forces.
3 Head down the pathway until you reach the area where a man is sitting on a table.
4 Talk to him to learn about the area’s history, then climb the ladder on the left to get to the Watch Room.
5 Once inside the Watch Room, take a peek out the window to see the condor roosting atop the reactor.
6 Talk to the person looking out the area. He will talk to you about strategy, how to hire soldiers, and battling the Shinra forces.
7 Depending on your party’s level, you can either head to battle without hiring additional soldiers in order to avoid paying for help.
8 Otherwise, you can hire soldiers to assist you against the advancing Shinra Forces.
9 Eventually, you will find yourself in a boss battle against CMD Grand Horn. Depending on your level, you can handily defeat this boss, since he only has 8,000 HP.
10 You will be rewarded with an Imperial Guard once you defeat CMD Grand Horn.
11 After the battle, go through the doorway outside of the Watch Room. This leads to a path going to the top of the mountain.
12 Pick up the Phoenix Materia on the ground and follow the trail.
13 Talk to the guy inside the mountain to get the Huge Materia.
14 From here, Cid will suggest visiting Cloud back at Mideel.
← Huge Materia Mission Returning to Mideel →

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