Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Safer Sephiroth Boss Guide

A boss guide for Safer Sepiroth in Final Fantasy (VII,) including boss stats, attacks, and strategies on defeating it.

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Safer Sephiroth Boss Guide

Safer Sephiroth


Level 87
HP 80000 – 400000
MP 680
Weakness None
Strong Against None
Absorbs None
Immunity Gravity
Item Rewards None


1) Wall

Safer Sephiroth Boss Guide

Safer Sephiroth will cast Wall in his first turn. This decreases the damage taken from both physical and magic attacks.

2) Shadow Flare

Safer Sephiroth Boss Guide

Deals devastating magic damage to one party member.

3) Pale Horse

Safer Sephiroth Boss Guide

Deals magic damage lower than Shadow Flare, but inflicts Frog, Sadness, and Small on one opponent.

4) Deen

Inflicts non-elemental magic damage to all party members. One of Safer Sephiroth’s weaker attacks.

5) Super Nova

Safer Sephiroth Boss Guide

Safer Sephiroth’s most powerful attack. Deals about 94% of each party member’s current HP. May also inflict Confuse, Silence, and Slow.

6) Heartless Angel

The boss deals damage equal to each party member’s current HP minus one.

7) DeSpell

Purges himself of debuffs if slowed. Safe Sephiroth also uses this spell if the party has too many buffs.


Equip Ribbon

Since many of Safer Sephiroth’s attacks can inflict status effects, it is best to have Ribbon equipped to shield the wearer from the ailments.

Go all-out by using the best Summons and Limit Breaks you have, as Sephiroth has very high HP. Knights of the Round can kill the boss if summoned two or three times. It is also important to constantly cast Wall or Big Guard to reduce the boss’ damage. However, be prepared to counter the DeSpell by casting the buffs again after.

Safer Sephiroth Boss Guide

There is a chance that Safer Sephiroth may float higher in the battlefield, making him invulnerable to close-range attacks. This is the best time for the party to use all their powerful magic and summons, as these are the only things that can reach the boss. Safer Sephiroth will also be limited to using Break, Heartless Angel, Super Nova, and Pale Horse while floating higher.

Take note that Safer Sephiroth only has a few moves that can damage all of the party. Take advantage of this by assigning one party member per turn to be the support of the group, healing, reviving, and buffing.

Super Nova, despite dealing massive damage, cannot kill a party member since it deals set percentage of their life. Be prepared to heal your party before the boss can use Deen or any other weak attacks to finish the ally off.

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