Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Walkthrough Part 28 – Return to Midgar

A complete walkthrough for Return to Midgar in Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) including enemies encountered, obtainable items, and boss strategy guides.

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Walkthrough Part 28 – Return to Midgar


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Obtainable Items

Item Location
Bahamut Zero Forgotten Capital Crystal Room. Can only be obtained if the player has both Bahamut and Neo Bahamut.
Ultima Weapon Cosmo Canyon Mountain after defeating Ultimate Weapon
Elixir Chest in the Midgar underground passage.
Megalixir Chest in the Midgar underground passage.
Aegis Armlet Chest in the Midgar underground passage
Starlight Phone Chest in the Midgar underground passage
Elixir Chest in the Midgar underground passage
Max Ray Chest in the Midgar underground passage
Master Fist Shinra Building, 2nd Floor
Pile Bunker Shinra Building, 2nd Floor
Grow Lance Shinra Building, 63rd Floor
Mind Source Shinra Building, 64th Floor Vending Machine
Speed Source Shinra Building, 64th Floor Vending Machine
HP Shout Shinra Building, 64th Floor Lockers
Behemoth Horn Fire Escape Path
Elixir Box at the bottom of the Hojo’s area.
Mystile Box at the bottom of the Hojo’s area.
Missing Score Chest on the stairs to Hojo’s area.

Area: Forgotten Capital and Underwater Cave

1 Head to the Forgotten Capital with Bugenhagen.
2 Listen to Bugenhagen to operate the machine.
3 Get the Key to the Ancients from the underwater cave.
4 Battle Diamond Weapon
5 Battle Ultimate Weapon to obtain Ultima Weapon
6 Head to Midgar

Area: Midgar

1 Head inside the tunnel.
2 Battle Reno, Rude, and Elena.
3 Reach Shinra Building.

Area: Shinra Building

1 Climb the metal structure outside the Shinra building.
2 Battle Proud Clod.
3 Reach the topmost platform.
4 Battle Hojo

Walkthrough Part 28 – Return to Midgar Strategy

1) Head to the Forgotten Capital

Head to the Forgotten Capital and take the leftmost path from the main road. Afterwards, follow the path on the bridge going right and listen to Bugenhagen. In the next room, approach the crystal by going around to the path stretching right. If you already have Bahamut and Neo Bahamut, you will be able to obtain Bahamut Zero in the area. Next, get the Key to the Ancients in the underwater cave.

2) Getting the Key to the Ancients

FFVII Return to Midgar Walkthrough

Use the submarine and travel to the northern continent. Dive and look for an underwater cave. You will see a landmark at the end where the Key to the Ancients is obtained. Return to Bugenhagen in the Forgotten Capital afterward.

Diamond Weapon will appear in the sea when you return to the Highwind. Fly to the shore and get ready for a boss battle.

3) Boss: Diamond Weapon

FFVII Return to Midgar Walkthrough

Diamond Weapon Boss Guide
Diamond Weapon is vulnerable to lightning magic. The boss switches between physical and magic immunity, so watch whenever attacking to find its current immunity. Do not bother trying to poison it as it is extremely resistant to poison. Using any powerful summon, especially Knights of the Round and your newly obtained Bahamut Zero, the team can quickly burst the boss down.

4) Boss: Ultimate Weapon

FFVII Return to Midgar Walkthrough

Ultimate Weapon Boss Guide
Ultimate Weapon is hovering over Midgar. Defeating it will grant the player Ultima Weapon, Cloud’s strongest weapon. It is recommended to save before engaging as you might find yourself going into Midgar instead. Ultimate Weapon is fought multiple times, running away after each encounter. Below are the locations where Ultimate Weapon can be found each time it runs. Its last location will be in Cosmo Canyon.

Location Battle Area
Junon Lake Air
Mideel Air
Nibel Mountains Air
Corel Mountains Air
Gongaga Ground
Fort Condor Ground
Midgar Ground
Northern Crater Ground
Cosmo Canyon Mountains Ground (Final Battle)

Ultima Weapon has various powerful attacks, most notably Shadow Flare. Start the battle with Big Guard for defense. Have any ranged characters use physical attacks while the rest of the party bombards it with lightning magic. When you find yourself low or debuffed, use White Wind. Reapply any defensive buffs you need and continue hitting it with lightning magic to win.

Note that you can obtain the Shadow Flare Enemy Skill from the boss as well. The boss will use this as a final attack before dying, targetting the party member who dealt the final blow.

Before proceeding to Midgar. It is advised to complete all Wutai Sidequests first, though. The events at the end of this part will take you immediately to disk 2 and the Wutai Sidequests can not be done from disk 2 onward.

5) Midgar and Underground Passage

FFVII Return to Midgar Walkthrough

Fly to Midgar and watch the cutscene. Afterward, go to the underground passage using the tunnel. After you come down from the ladder, follow the path right across the metal walkway to get the Megalixir and Elixir on the opposite end of the platform. Afterward, come back to the starting point of and walk down the long stairs. Go down the ladder to the next area. Then, go left and climb up the ladder to that takes you back to the previous area and get the Aegis Armlet in the chest. Climb down again to the lower area.

Head to the right and climb down to the tube below from the gap. Go left and up the ladder to return to the previous area yet again. Go left and enter the duct. Get the Starlight Phone on the left and an Elixir on the right. Go down and jump on the duct on the right to return to the previous area. Then, climb the ladder and get Max Ray to the upper left. Return to the duct and take the long stairs in the lower area. Enter through the door to battle the Turks.

6) Boss: Reno, Rude, and Elena

FFVII Return to Midgar Walkthrough

Reno, Rude, and Elena Boss Guide
The Turks aren’t exceptionally challenging at this point in the game. Just resort to your usual strategies and unload magic and summons to end the fight quickly. You can use the opportunity to steal Minerva Band from Elena, as this is the only time you get to fight her in the entire game.

7) Shinra Building

To reach the Shinra Building, take the right passage at the first branching path and left at the second. Head inside the air duct to reach the building.

When you enter the building, go up the stairs to reach the second floor. Enter the room in the upper right corner with the green sign. Pick up the Master Fist and Pile Bunker inside before exiting. Then, head to the third floor and enter the elevator.

Move to the lower right corner of the room and enter another elevator. Go to the 63rd floor to get Grow Lance. Return to the elevator and head to the 64th floor. You can bang on the vending machine to get a Mind Source and Speed Source. Proceed to the lockers on the upper left to get HP Shout. You can get Behemoth Horn for Red XIII on the fire escape.

8) Leaving the Building

Before finally leaving the building, make sure you have found the Turtle’s Paradise flyer on the bulletin board on the first floor. You will not be able to come back afterward.

Head to the first floor and exit the building. Return to the duct and go back to the forked path. Proceed south to the lower path. In the next area with the leak, go south again and then down the tunnel on the left. From there, climb the structure and jump to the left for a cutscene and a boss fight.

9) Boss: Proud Clod

Proud Clod Boss Guide
When the fight begins, remember to cast Big Guard or Barrier for defense. Afterward, just focus on hammering the boss with magic, summons, and Limit Breaks. Remember to heal up, as the boss will use more powerful attacks when it is low on HP.

10) Reaching the Platform

Go up the path and get the Elixir and Mystile in the boxes. Climb up the ladder to get Missing Score on your way up. Get ready to battle Hojo at the topmost area.

11) Boss: Hojo

Hojo Boss Guide
During the first phase of the fight, Hojo will summon two minions to aid him in battle. Don’t bother with the minions and focus your attacks on Hojo.

12) Boss: Heretic Hojo

Heretic Hojo Boss Guide
The boss will transform into Heretic Hojo after his boss has been battled. The boss will inflict status effects in this form, so be sure to have White Wind at the ready. You can also have Ribbon equipped to make the fight trivial. Throw your big spells at him and use Limit Break whenever you get the chance.

13) Boss: Lifeform Hojo-NA

Lifeform Hojo NA Boss Guide
Hojo will yet again transform after taking more damage. He will inflict more status effects like Silence, Slow, and Sleep. He additionally has a devastating combo attack that does a good amount of damage. Having the Ribbon equipped will be a great help. Just keep using summons, magic, and Limit Breaks while removing debuffs from your party.

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