Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Jenova Birth Boss Guide

A boss guide for Jenova Birth in Final Fantasy (VII,) including boss stats, attacks, and strategies on defeating it.

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Jenova Birth Boss Guide

Jenova Birth Boss Stats

Level 25
HP 4000
MP 110
Weakness Back Attack
Strong Against None
Absorbs None
Immunity Gravity
EXP 680
Item Rewards White Cape

Jenova Birth Boss Attacks

1) Tail Laser

Jenova Birth Boss Guide

Tail Laser deals physical damage to all party members. It can inflict over 200 damage and Jenova Birth often uses the attack twice in a single turn.

2) W-Laser

Jenova Birth Boss Guide

The W-Laser inflicts damage to a single party member. However, Jenova Birth can unleash this laser three times in a turn. The boss has a weaker Laser that it uses in the earlier stages of the fight.

3) Stop

Jenova Birth Boss Guide

Jenova Birth’s most powerful move, Stop prevents a party member from doing anything for a couple of turns. The boss can only cast Stop three times in the whole battle. Jenova Birth often uses this magic against the strongest member in the party.

4) Gas

Jenova Birth Boss Guide

The boss uses this rarely, as it only deals mediocre damage to a single party member.

Jenova Birth Boss Guide Strategy

Load Up Limit Breaks

Jenova Birth Boss Guide

Before entering this battle, make sure that all of your party members have their Limit Break gauge filled up. Use the party’s first set of Limit Breaks in order to deal significant damage. These Limit Breaks are helpful in lowering the boss’ massive 4000 HP before it can do anything critical. Since the boss deals heavy damage, it will be easy for the party to fill up their Limit Break gauges.

Use Cure or Restoration Items Consistently

Jenova Birth Boss Guide

Be prepared to use restoration items and Cure magic, as Jenova Birth’s Tail Laser can deal significant amounts of damage. It is best if you have Aerith in your party to serve as the primary healer while the other members deal damage. In addition, don’t rely too much on one character, as the boss might cast Stop on him or her.

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