Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Red Dragon Boss Guide

A boss guide for Red Dragon in Final Fantasy (VII,) including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating it.

FFVII Red Dragon Boss Guide

Red Dragon Boss Guide

This boss is encountered in the Temple of the Ancients of Final Fantasy 7.

Red Dragon Boss Stats

Level 39
HP 6,800
MP 300
Weakness None
Strong Against Gravity
Absorbs Fire
Immunity Fractional Damage
EXP 3,500
Item Rewards Dragon Armlet, Bahamut (Summon Materia)

Red Dragon Boss Attacks

1) Dragon Fang

FFVII Red Dragon Fang

An extremely powerful attack that does high physical damage to one target. It is the Red Dragon’s most powerful attack and can quickly knock out low-leveled characters.

2) Tail Attack

FFVII Red Dragon Tail

Another attack that does physical damage to one target.

2) Red Dragon Breath

FFVII Red Dragon Breath

Does Fire damage to one target.

Red Dragon Boss Strategy

Avoid using Fire or Gravity Magic

The boss absorbs all Fire magic, restoring HP when hit by it. In addition, its strong resistance to Gravity makes spells like Demi next to useless in the fight.

Poison is Effective

Having Bio equipped allows you to gradually deplete its HP while bombarding it with Summons and Limit Breaks. You can also equip Poison Materia paired with Added Effect Materia to grant the Poison effect to a party member’s weapon.

Aim for Fire Resistance

Equipping a Fire Ring can help mitigate damage received from the boss’s fire attacks. You can also pair Elemental Materia with Fire or the Ifrit Summon Materia on armor to gain some resistance to the element.

Use Aerith’s Fury Brand

You can use Aerith’s Fury Brand to immediately fill up the Limit Break gauges of her allies. This allows you to burst down the boss and end the fight quickly.

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