Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Rufus Boss Guide

A boss guide for Rufus and Dark Nation in Final Fantasy (VII,) including boss stats, attacks, and strategies on defeating them.

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Rufus Boss Guide


Rufus Stats

Level 21
HP 500
MP 0
Weakness Back Attack
Strong Against None
Absorbs None
Immunity Gravity
EXP 240
Item Rewards Protect Vest

Dark Nation Stats

Level 18
HP 140
MP 80
Weakness Back Attack
Strong Against None
Absorbs None
Immunity None
EXP 70
Item Rewards Guard Source



Rufus Boss Guide

Rufus shoots a single bullet at Cloud. Deals about 30 damage.


Rufus Boss Guide

Dark Nation summons a protective shield for him and Rufus. The shield reduces physical damage inflicted on the affected.


Rufus Boss Guide

The Guard Hound creates a shield for him and his master. This shield reduces magic damage inflicted on the affected.


Rufus Boss Guide

The hound unleashes bolts of lightning. Deals magic damage.


Focus on Defeating Dark Nation First

Rufus Boss Guide

Defeating Dark Nation will make Rufus more vulnerable as he won’t have shields or Bolt in his arsenal. In addition, Dark Nation won’t give you an item (Guard Source) if you defeat Rufus first.

Constantly Use Bolt and Other Magic Spells

Lightning magic is effective against Dark Nation. When only Rufus remains, bombard him with magic to quickly defeat him.

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