Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Chocobo Capture Guide

A guide on how to capture a chocobo in Final Fantasy VII. Includes some strategies to make the process less tiresome for beginners.

How to Capture Chocobos

Chocobo Lure

Before you are able to capture a chocobo, you will need to equip someone with a Lure Chocobo materia. This can be purchased from Chobo Billy at Chocobo Farm for 2000 gil. The higher the materia’s level, the higher the chance the player has of encountering a chocobo. After equipping the materia, wander about areas marked with chocobo footprints in order to encounter enemies.


You will have to defeat any non-chocobo enemies that appear along with the chocobo. Be careful, as the chocobo will flee if hit by an attack. It will even flee if hit by attacks that deal 0 damage like Sleep.


You can tame a chocobo by feeding it some greens bought from the Chocobo Farm. Any type will do, so we recommend the cheap Gysahl Greens.

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