Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Chocobo Training

A guide on training and breeding chocobos in Final Fantasy VII. Includes instructions on how to get started and methods on obtaining materials.

Training Chocobos

Renting Stables

Chocobo training becomes available after the meteor appears in the main story. After it has appeared and the player has acquired the Highwind in disk 2, they can talk to Choco Bill at the Chocobo Farm in order to rent a stable for 10,000 gil. This allows the player to begin to breed chocobos. Any captured chocobos and be placed in the rented stable or sent out to the ranch.

Breeding High Rank Chocobos

In it necessary to breed chocobos of high rank in order to obtain any special chocobos. You can check the captured chocobo’s rank by talking to Choco Billy while the chocobo is in the stables.

Rank Summary
H Not really recommended
G Not a very good chocobo
F Not the worst of chocobos
E An average chocobo
D A so-so chocobo, starting to see some strengths
C A good feeling chocobo
B A rather useful chocobo with a number of strengths
A The best of the best

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Chocobo Racing

By racing chocobos at the Golden Saucer, players can raise the rank of their chocobos and thereby increase the chances of birthing special chocobo through breeding. Give your high rank chocobo 20 Sylkis Greens to raise their speed, stamina, intelligence, and tameness and challenge the races.
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Acquiring Special Chocobos

Green and Blue Chocobos

Method: Breed a rank B and C chocobo together and give them a Carob Nut.

As green chocobos and blue chocobos are obtained the same way, save before breeding and ensure that you have proper male and female chocobos before proceeding. Carob Nuts can be obtained in the Icicle Area by stealing them from Vlakorados or winning them as loot.

Black Chocobo

Method: Breed a blue and a green chocobo together.

The chocobos can be given any type of nut.

Gold Chocobo

Method: Breed a black chocobo and a rank A chocobo together and give them a Zeio nut.

Zeio nuts can be obtained from Goblin Island, an island to the northeast of Kalm. Zeio nuts appear both as a drop when a goblin is defeated or as a reward for stealing.

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