Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Tifa Lockhart Character Information

Character information for Tifa Lockhart, a protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. Included are her background, stats, and limit breaks.

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Tifa Lockhart Character Information

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Tifa Lockhart is Cloud’s childhood friend who also grew up in the mountain village of Nibelheim. Tifa is bright and hard working. She spends her time caring for everyone but herself. A pugilist, Tifa can annihilate almost any enemy with her fists. She and Cloud were childhood friends, having strong feelings for him despite never admitting it.

Tifa Lockhart is voiced by Yōko Asada (JP) and Rachael Leigh Cook (EN)

Tifa Lockhart Roles

In the previous Final Fantasy titles, the monk was more physical job and was quite similar to warriors, but with lower defense and higher dexterity. Tifa corresponds well with this characterization, due to her own attributes.

Tifa Lockhart Stats

High Attributes Strength, Dexterity, Luck
Low Attributes Magic
Traditional Class Monk
Weapon Knuckles
Best Materia-growing Weapon Kaiser Knuckle (AP x8)
Ultimate Weapon Premium Heart
Ultimate Limit Break Final Heaven

Tifa Lockhart Limit Break Progression

Name Level Effect Unlocking Conditions
Beat Rush 1 Damages one enemy Tifa starts with it
Somersault 1 Damages one enemy Use Beat Rush 9 times, even missing counts.
Waterkick 2 Damages one enemy, water elemental Kill 96 enemies
Meteodrive 2 Damages one enemy Use Waterkick 7 times, missing counts.
Dolphin Blow 3 Damages one enemy Kill 96 more enemies (192 total)
Meteor Strike 3 Damages one enemy Use Dolphin Blow 6 times, missing counts.
Final Heaven 4 Damages all enemies On Disc 2 or 3, after Cloud is rescued, play the piano in Tifa’s house in Nibelheim to get the manual.
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