Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Walkthrough Part 3 – Wall Market

A complete walkthrough for Wall Market in Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII,) including enemies encountered, obtainable items, and boss strategy guides.

Walkthrough Part 3 – Wall Market


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Obtainable Elements

Item Location
Ether Aerith’s Garden.
Cover (Materia) Aerith’s Garden.
Potion Room where you sleep in Aerith’s house.
Phoenix Down Room where you sleep in Aerith’s house.
Ether Don Corneo’s mansion. Room upstairs, behind Tifa.
Phoenix Down Room where Don Corneo’s men takes Cloud or one of the girls.
Hyper Don Corneo’s room, behind the bed. Must be chosen by the don.

Area: Church in the slums

1 Talk to Aerith.
2 Escape the Turks by running out the back entrance.
3 Guide Aerith away from the enemies.

Area: Aerith’s House

1 Escape from the rooftop to jump down. Head left.
2 Buy equipment and materia from the weapon store.
3 From the market, head to Aerith’s house.
4 Listen to the dialogue.
5 Leave the house.
6 Meet with Aerith outside and pass the maze to reach Sector 7.
7 Follow the Chocobo cart to Wall Market.

Area: Wall Market

1 Talk to the men near the club in the lower right of the map.
2 Collect all disguise items.
3 Get changed in the clothes shop.
4 Proceed to Don Corneo’s mansion.
5 Head to the mural hall.

Area: Don Corneo’s Mansion

1 Once inside the mansion, head up the stairs and meet with Tifa.
2 Listen to the dialogue inside the mansion.
3 Rescue Aerith and Tifa.

Area: Sewers

1 Talk to Tifa and Aerith.
2 Battle the Boss Aps.

Walkthrough Part 3 – Wall Market Strategy

1) Guiding Aerith to escape from the Shinra forces

FF7 Wall Market Walkthrough

When Aerith joins your party, you need to climb up the stairs and escape from Reno and the Shinra grunts. Outfit Aerith with materia and armor to give her an easier time in fights. You can order her to Wait, Fight, or Run.

Command Action
Wait Lets you drop a barrel on the enemies pursuing Aerith.
Fight Orders Aerith to battle enemies by herself. This is not recommended.
Run Orders Aerith to keep running unti she has nowhere to go. This is not recommended.

You can, however, skip any of the fights entirely by climbing up the steps to the barrels on the wooden beams and pushing them down on the enemies in the order shown below.

Order Strategy
1 Push the barrel on the leftmost side.
2 Push the barrel in the back.
3 Push the barrel on the right.

Meet up with Aerith and escape the church through the hole on the right.

3) Aerith’s House

FF7 Wall Market Walkthrough

After escaping the church, you can use the save point on the left path before going up. The shop there allows you to buy equipment offering slight upgrades from your current gear. From the market, head to Aerith’s house near the armor shop.

Collect the Ether and Cover materia in the garden. Go inside the house afterward and listen to the dialogue. Get the Potion and Phoenix Down in the room. When you wake up, walk down the stairs and head outside the house. Don’t run or Aerith will catch you. Keep heading to the left and you will find Aerith, who will join you.

4) Path to Sector 7

FF7 Wall Market Walkthrough

Proceed along the path and to the top area. You will encounter Hell Houses along the way, which are a bit difficult. Make sure to heal up with Aerith’s Healing Wind to pull through. Once you reach the playground, there will be some dialogue.

5) Wall Market

When you reach Wall Market, talk to the guys outside the club on the lower right part of the map and ask about Tifa. Then, head to the mansion at the very top of the area to figure out a way inside.

6) Collecting the disguise materials

To enter the mansion, Cloud needs to disguise himself as a girl. You’ll need the necessary items to be allowed entrance.

Item Location
Dress Clothing store at the upper left corner of the lower part of Wall Market. The best choice is the Silk Dress. This is attained by by asking for something soft and that shimmers.
Wig In the gym to the left of the entrance in the upper part of Wall Market. You get it by entering the squatting contest. The best is the blonde wig, which is earned by winning.
Cologne In the bar on the left side of the upper part of Wall Market. Talk to the woman in the bathroom. Then go to the restaurant on the lower part of Wall Market and eat a meal. Tell them “It was all right.” Take the coupon to the pharmacy, the place with the cat statue, and get digestive medicine. Take the medicine to the woman to get the Sexy Cologne.
Tiara Talk to the man with the cooking pot on the lower part of Wall Market, the furthest area on the right. Then, head to the inn and stay for a night. Get an item from the vending machine with 200 Gil and give it to the man to receive a Diamond Tiara.
Makeup and Underwear The man walking to and fro in the lower part of Wall Market. Get the Membership Card to the Honeybee Manor and look into the rooms. Approach the door on the upper left and select the top option twice. Talk to the spectral version of Cloud near the tub. Talk to Mukki and choose the option on the bottom. You will get lingerie if you talk to the girl there. Head to the topmost room to get makeup from one of the girls.

7) Don Corneo’s Mansion

Get changed in the clothing store and head to the mansion. Go upstairs and you will meet up with Tifa before being presented to Don Corneo. Get Ether from behind Tifa.

Don Corneo’s men will soon call you to Don Corneo’s office. If you obtained most of the best items above, Don Corneo will choose you and invite you to his room. If not, you will end up in a room with some of Don Corneo’s men. Get the Phoenix down in the room before going up to Don Corneo’s office to save the one he chose. If Cloud was chosen, you can get Hyper from behind the don’s bed.

8) Sewers

Talk to Tifa and Aerith after falling to the sewers and prepare for a boss fight

12) Boss: Aps

Aps Boss Guide
You can burst down the boss using fire spells. Use Limit Breaks whenever they are available to stack even more damage onto it. When you run low on HP, use Aerith’s Healing Wind to continue fighting.

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