Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Barret Wallace Character Information

Character information for Barret Wallace, a protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. Included are his background, stats, and limit breaks.

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Barret Wallace Character Information

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Barret Wallace, leader of the anti-Shinra rebel group, AVALANCHE and bitter enemy of the Shinra Electric Power Company. He grew up in the mining town of North Corel, where he was involved in a decision to have the town switch from mining coal to using Mako energy. He did this despite protests of his childhood friend, Dyne. The decision turned out to be a tragic one, Barret losing his arm and his friend after they were attacked by Shinra. Following the incident, Barret had an operation to have his arm replaced with a gun and adopted Dyne’s orphaned daughter Marlene. He couldn’t find the answers he was seeking in Corel, so then he traveled to Cosmo Canyon. Here, he learned about the harm of the Shinra and their Mako reactors were inflicting upon the planet. He eventually ends up in the Midgar slums; in command of a rebel group fighting back against Shinra called, AVALANCHE.

Barret Wallace is voiced by Masahiro Kobayashi (JP) and Beau Billingslea (EN)

Barret Wallace Roles

In the previous Final Fantasy titles, the warrior is a job for characters that have great physical attributes, but ow dexterity and limited to no magic attribute at all. Barret corresponds well to this characterization.

Barret Wallace Stats

High Attributes Strength, Vitality
Low Attributes Dexterity, Magic, Spirit, Luck
Traditional Class Warrior
Weapon Gun-arms
Best Materia-growing Weapon Solid bazooka (AP x8)
Ultimate Weapon Missing Score
Ultimate Limit Break Catastrophe

Barret Wallace Limit Break Progression

Name Level Effect Unlocking Conditions
Big Shot 1 Damages one enemy Barret starts with it
Mindblow 1 Debuff: Removes one enemy’s MP Use Big Shot 9 times
Grenade Bomb 2 Damages all enemies Kill 80 enemies
Hammer Blow 2 May instantly kill an enemy Use Grenade Bomb 8 times
Satellite Beam 3 Damages all enemies Kill 80 more enemies (160 total)
AngerMax 3 18 attacks on random enemies Use Satellite Beam 6 times
Catastrophe 4 10 attacks on random enemies Save North Corel from the runaway train and a lady in a hut at the top of the town will give the manual to you.
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