Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Walkthrough Part 7 – Mythril Mine

A complete walkthrough for the Mythril Mine in Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) including enemies appearing, obtainable items, and boss strategy guides

Walkthrough Part 7 – Mythril Mine


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Obtainable Elements

Item Location
Ether Near the entrance of Mythril Mine
Tent Near the entrance of Mythril Mine
Longe Range Materia Climb the vines to the left of the entrance of the Mythril Mine
Mind Source Go to the left path near the entrance of Mythril Mine, then go down the southmost path
Elixir, Hi-Potion On the path to the north after encountering the Turks

Area: Chocobo Farm

Walkthrough Part 7 - Mythril Mine

1 Go to the middle of the Grasslands.
2 Enter Choco Bill and Chocbill’s farm and talk to Bill.
3 Talk to Billy at the stables.
4 Buy the Chocobo Lure Materia for 2000 Gil.
5 Talk to the Chocobo near the fence to get the Choco/Mog Materia.
6 Catch a Chocobo using the Materia and cross the marshes to the southwest.
7 Go to the Mythril Mine.

Area: Mythril Mine

Walkthrough Part 7 - Mythril Mine

1 At the entrance, head right.
2 Climb the vines to the left to get the Long Range Materia
3 Go down the previous path, then take the steps to the right and get the Ether on the floor and the Tent inside the chest.
4 Go back to the entrance and head left.
5 Head south and get a Mind Source inside a chest.
6 Continue walking to the left to go to the next area.
7 A conversation with Rude, Elena, and Tseng will commence in the next area.
8 After the conversation, head north. Collect the Elixir and Hi-Potion.
9 Go back to the previous area, then climb the vines to the left and go outside.

Walkthrough Part 7 - Mythril Mine

10 Head to the forest area to the southwest and keep walking inside until you battle the Mysterious Ninja.
11 Pick “Not Interested” in the first conversation, then “Petrified,” then “Wait a second!,” then choose “That’s right.,” then finally pick “Let’s hurry.”
12 Yuffie joins your party.
13 Head to the tower-like structure to the southeast and enter Fort Condor.

Area: Fort Condor

Walkthrough Part 7 - Mythril Mine

1 Choose “We’ll help you” while talking to the guard.
2 Climb the rope, then climb the ladder and talk to the man inside.
3 Go to the northwest and head up. Talk to the man on lookout.
4 If you have 3000 Gil, you can donate it to the group and help them fend off Shinra.
5  Choose “Enough” then “Ready” to advance in the mission.
6 Set up a unit to the southwest path. Place many Attackers on the path.
7 On the middle path, choose Catapults, Shooters, and Attackers.
8 Repeat the same strategy in the southeast path.
9 Keep placing units around the area until the enemies are defeated.
10 Talk to the man sitting on the table again.
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