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Information regarding Kingdom Hearts' Terra, including his Keyblade, voice actor, and his role in Kingdom Hearts' story.

Terra Profile

KH3 Terra

Keyblades Used Earthshaker
Ends of the Earth,
Chaos Ripper
Appears in Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts coded, Kingdom Hearts 0.2
Japanese Voice Actor Ryōtarō Okiayu
English Voice Actor Jason Dohring

Terra in Kingdom Hearts 3

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Terra is counted among the Seven Guardians of Light, a group who oppose Xehanort’s 13 Hearts of Darkness and so will likely be revived.

KHBBs Terra-Xehanort

In the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, it was established that both their Heartless and Nobody are destroyed, a human can be revived from the dead. As such, should Sora defeat both Ansem and Xemnas, the human they were made from, or Terra-Xehanort, will be revived.

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Terra in Past Kingdom Hearts Titles

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

A Keyblade User with Darkness in his Heart

KHBBs Terra and Aqua

Terra is one of the main characters in Birth by Sleep, training to become a Keyblade Master under Master Eraqus.

Along with Aqua, a fellow student under Master Eraqus, Terra attempted to prove himself a Keyblade Master in the Mark of Mastery exam. However, he was unable to pass the exam due to a darkness within his heart.

After the Mark of Mastery exam, Xehanort disappears and the grounds are attacked by creatures called Unversed. Master Eraqus instructs Terra and Aqua to go out into the worlds and find the missing Xehanort. They do so, but Terra continues to worry about the darkness in his heart.

Confrontation and Loss of the Teacher Master Eraqus

KHBBs Terra and Ventus

In the later stages of the story, in order to prevent Master Xehanort from creating the χ blade, Master Eraqus attacks Terra’s close friend Ventus. Terra arrives to save Ventus, however, and unleashes the power of his darkness onto Eraqus.

Eraqus is defeated in this conflict between student and teacher, but both he and Terra come to regret their actions and end the fight in a draw. Unfortunately, Xehanort had been watching from the side and moves in to deal the killing blow, Eraqus vanishing after he is defeated.

Becoming the Vessel of Master Xehanort

KHBBs Terra and Xehanort

During a decisive battle at the Keyblade Cemetery, Terra relied on the power of his darkness, just as Xehanort had predicted. Xehanort, needing a young body in order to ensure his plans for the future, selected Terra to become his new vessel. Xehanort cast off his aged body and began to possess Terra.

Even when the Body is a Vessel, his Heart Resists

KHBBs Terra Keyblade Armor

Terra’s heart continues to resist Xehanort even after his body has become Xehanort’s vessel. Within Terra resides not only his own and Xehanort’s hearts, but an unknown person’s heart as well. According to Xehanort’s speech, Master Eraqus had something to do with this situation placed upon Terra.

Terra entrusts Riku with a Keyblade

KHBBs Terra and Riku

While travelling between worlds to vanquish the Unversed and find Xehanort, Terra visited Destiny Island. While there, Terra met the young Sora and Riku. Feeling a sense of Destiny from Riku, Terra performed a ceremony to pass along his Keyblade to the boy.

The reason that Riku could use a Keyblade later in life is because of Terra’s actions while on Destiny Island.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2

KHBBs Terra and Ventus

Terra’s form before he was overtaken by Xehanort appears before Aqua after she fell into the Realm of Darkness.

A Heart Connected to the Realm of Darkness

As Terra’s heart was tied to the Realm of Shadows, the Terra that appeared before Aqua was the true Terra, but not his true body. Terra turned into Terra-Xehanort and asked the whereabouts of Ventus, but Terra was able to hold him back before he could trick Aqua. It is unknown what happened to Terra after this.

Kingdom Hearts 2

Terra’s Remnant Will Armor

KH2 Terra Keyblade Armor

The armor cast off by Terra after being possessed by Xehanort appears as a hidden boss in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Upon meeting Sora, he momentarily mistakes the Keyblade Master with “the one he had chosen,” or Riku. Realizing his mistake, it then mistakes Sora for Xehanort.

After being defeated by Sora, the armor says “I see. Your power… What I felt from you was…” before returning to a slumber. It is possible that it says this due to feeling a bit of Ventus within Sora.

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