Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Character List

This is a character list of the Kingdom Hearts 3 video game. The Information includes the heroes and heroines, as well as the villains.

Confirmed Characters

Forces of Light

List of characters
Kingdom Hearts 3's Sora
【 Hero

A boy chosen to wield the Keyblade. He once again sets off on an adventure to seek out the Guardians of Light.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Request
Sora’s best friend / rival

Sora’s best friend and rival. Riku’s heart fell into darkness but was able to overcome it and join Sora’s battle against Organization XIII. He then aid’s Sora’s journey to find the Guardian’s of Light.

Kingdom Hearts 3's nail
Sora and Riku’s childhood friend

A girl who grew up on the same island as Sora and Riku. She trains to become a Keyblade wielder like her two friends under the tutelage of Yen Sid.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Goofy
Captain of the Royal Palace Knights

Captain of the Royal Palace Knights in Disney Castle and companion to Sora and Donald Duck. While he is outwardly easy going, he has a keen understanding of things and is often a voice of encouragement to Sora in their adventures.

Kingdom Hearts 3's Donald Duck
Donald Duck
Royal Magician

The royal magician of Disney Castle, Donald joins Sora and Goofy at the king’s request. While he can be short tempered, he cares for his friends and will always help them in a pinch.

King of Kingdom Hearts 3
Mickey Mouse
Keyblade Master

King of Disney Castle and a Keyblade master. He is an invaluable ally to Sora, being both a mentor and a loyal friend. Mickey travels to the Realm of Darkness with Riku to rescue Aqua as final the battle with Organization XIII draws near.

Enemy characters | Forces of Darkness

List of characters
A witch who sought to conquer Kingdom Hearts by spreading darkness throughout the various worlds. Maleficent was defeated by Sora but is revived to exact her plans once again.
A former Royal Palace Knight. He was imprisoned in Disney Castle for causing mischief but was released by Maleficent. Pete swore loyalty to the witch and became her most trusted ally.

Real Organization XIII characters

List of characters
True 13 institutions
Founded by Master Xehanort in order to bring forth another Keyblade War, creating a new world in the process.

Anticipated Character Appearances

Ally Characters

List of characters
Terra of Kingdom Hearts 3
【Keyblade User from Birth by Sleep】

One of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep’s protagonists. Master Eraqus was able to see through the darkness of Terra’s heart. Master Xehanort used this place of distress and possessed Terra in the process. However, the heart of Tera still exists even though he is currently being controlled by Master Xehanort. Terra cares deeply for his fellow students and close friends Aqua and Ventus.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Aqua
【Birth by Sleep Keyblade master】

One of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep’s protagonists. In the end of Birth by Sleep, after concealing the comatose Ventus in a safe place, Aqua seeks to help Terra but fell into the Realm of Darkness. She is still wandering there now, hoping for the day that she and her friends are saved. Aqua holds her friends Terra and Ventus very close.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Ventus
【Keyblade User from Birth by Sleep】

One of the protagonists of Birth by Sleep with Terra and Aqua. A rare person with a heart of pure light, he was used by Master Xehanort to form the X-Blade. Although he was assimilated with Vanitas to form the X-Blade, Ventus sacrificed himself while combined with Vanitas to make the X-Blade unstable and allow his friends to destroy it in the physical world. This, however, came at a cost – Ventus’ heart broke from his body, it now sleeping within Sora’s heart. Ventus’s body itself is hidden by Aqua inside the Chamber of Repose and Waking. Ventus is close friends with both Aqua and Terra.

Kingdom Hearts 3's Roxas
【Sora’s Nobody】

Character who appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 and Kingdom Hearts 2. He is identified as Sora’s nobody. His appearance resembles Ventus because Roxas also came from Sora’s heart, where Ventus resides. For that reason Roxas can handle two Keyblades at once. He was a close friend with Organization XIII’s Axel. Currently, he has reassimilated with Sora.

Kingdom Hearts 3's Namine
【Kairi’s Nobody】

A mysterious girl who appeared in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 2. Namine is a nobody of Kairi, and technically Sora as well. She has the special ability to manipulate memories of Sora and those close to him. She completely assimilated with Kairi during Kingdom Hearts 2.

Kingdom Hearts 3's Sion
【Keyblade Master Replica】

Xion is an imperfect replica of Roxas, and is the fourteenth member of Organization XIII. She is able to wield a Keyblade the same way as Roxas does because she carries some of Sora’s memories and is the embodiment of his Nobody – Roxas. She was friends with Roxas and Axel. Her appearance changes based on who is viewing her.

Kingdom Hearts 3's Axel
【Former Member of Organization XIII】

A former member of Organization XIII, Axel left the group due to his friendship with Roxas and acted of his own accord to try and help Sora. Although he initially helped Sora because he wanted Roxas back by turning Sora into a Heartless, he gave up his personal intentions eventually and joined Sora and company’s cause. His catchphrase is “Got it memorized?”

Kingdom Hearts 3 Master Ellacus
Master Eraqus
【Master Eraqus】

Master Eraqus was the Keyblade Master in Birth by Sleep, as well as Terra, Aqua, and Ventus’ teacher. He learned of the keyblade alongside Master Xehanort. He conducts the Mark of Mastery exam between Aqua and Terra to see who will become a Keyblade Master, which Aqua passes and Terra fails. This is due to Master Eraqus sensing Terra’s inner darkness.

Following a confrontation against Terra, Eraqus was distraught that he was drawing Keyblades with his beloved disciples. He was then mortally wounded by Xehanort after his fight with Terra. Afterward, he was struck down be Xehanort while trying to reconcile with Terra. He is seen within the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Riku Replica
Riku Replica
【Another Riku】

Riku Replica appears at Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, having been created by Vexen in order to test the original Riku’s prowess. Originally a puppet for Organization XIII, he has then vowed to protect Namine at all costs after she rewrote his memories. Though he was destroyed by the true Riku, he may still be alive. This can be inferred from Riku mentioning his other self whille in the Realm of Darkness.

Former Organization XIII Characters

List of characters
Kingdoms Hearts 3's Zardin
【The Whirlwind Lancer】

Xaldin appeared in Kingdom Hearts 2 as the villain residing in Beast’s Castle. He made Beast a Heartless in order to create a strong Nobody but his plan was thwarted by Sora. He was revived as a human in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. He is the Nobody of Dilan.

Kingdom Hearts 3's Vixen
【The Chilly Academic】

Vexen is a key figure in the replica plan that creates replicas of Keyblade users. He created Replica Riku in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2. He was first defeated by Sora and then eliminated by Axel in Kingdom Hearts 2. He is the Nobody of Even.

Kingdom Hearts 3's Rexusus
【The Taciturn Stalwart】

Lexaeus’ strength is said to be second only to Xemnas. During Riku’s storyline in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, he was working with Zexion and Vexen to try and manipulate Riku into serving them. However, he was unsuccessful in convincing Riku to join them, instead having to knock Riku unconscious. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, then possessed Riku and quickly defeated Lexaeus. He was revived in Dream Drop Distance and is the Nobody of Aeleus.

Kingdom Hearts 3's Xexion
【The Cloaked Schemer】

Zexion was a pupil of Ansem the Wise when he was a human. He is one of the antagonists in Riku’s storyline in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and part of the new members of Organization XIII. Zexion is known to use a Lexicon as his weapon and specializes in creating illusions to fight on his behalf. He was defeated by Riku and tried to run away, but was then eliminated by Axel. He was revived in Dream Drop Distance and is the Nobody of Ienzo.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Demix
【The Melodious Nocturne】

A member of Organization XIII who appeared in Kingdom Hearts 2. Demyx is a reluctant fighter, appearing to be one of the more comical characters in Organization XIII. However, he showed a more aggressive behavior when he battled Sora, calling him a “traitor”. However, Sora defeated him and he disappeared. It is unknown who he was as a human.

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