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Character Information regarding Lea (Axel) in the Kingdom Hearts series. Inside this article you will find the story of how he became a Nobody and how he was able to redeem himself after meeting Sora.

Lea (Axel) Character Information

KH3 Lea (Axel)

Weapon Used Chakrams, Unnamed Keyblade
Appears in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
True Identity Lea
Japanese Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara
English Voice Actor Quinton Flynn

Lea in Kingdom Hearts 3

In some trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3, Lea is often seen with Kairi in Destiny Islands as she undertakes training to be a stronger Keyblade user. This may signify a major role in the game as he aids not only Kairi, but Sora and Riku as well in their journey.

Axel Character Information

As shown in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Lea now has a Keyblade. He was able to summon it after his training with Merlin. But before we see him and his Keyblade in action, let’s look at Lea’s history from being a Nobody to redeeming himself to save his newfound friends.

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Lea’s History

Mischief Maker

As a kid, Lea lives with his best friend Isa in Radiant Garden. He often wonders what could be inside Ansem the Wise’s castle, prompting him and Isa to constantly break into it.

Lea (Axel) Character Information

Before one of their attempted break-ins, Lea sees Ventus accidentally dropping his Wooden Keyblade. Lea grabs the Keyblade and gives it back to Ventus. He then challenges Ventus into a battle, mocking him of using a “childish” toy. Ventus easily defeats Lea, with the latter vowing that they will meet again.

Becoming a Nobody

Although the details are currently unknown, Lea and Isa end up in Ansem the Wise’s computer room. The room enveloped their hearts with darkness, turning them into Heartless. However, Lea and Isa have strong wills, which results in their transformation into Nobodies.

Afterward, Organization XIII recruit them as the VII and VIII-ranked members, with Lea becoming Axel and Isa becoming Saix. But due to their dissatisfaction with how the Organization is run by Xemnas, they planned to take it over from the inside.

Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames

As Axel, he continues to carry out the missions given to him by his superiors while Saix gains Xemnas’ trust. During Roxas’ tenure with Organization XIII, Axel serves as his mentor, teaching him the ropes on their missions. Axel eventually befriends Roxas, often eating sea-salt ice cream with him at the top of the Twilight Town Train Station.

Saix, now the right-hand man of Xemnas, orders Axel to go to Castle Oblivion to keep an eye on Marluxia, a member planning a coup against the Organization. Axel, acting as a spy, continues to work under Marluxia who is setting up Sora to use his powers to overthrow Xemnas. Vexen eventually participates in the mission to stop Marluxia. Upon learning that Vexen will stop his plans, Marluxia orders Axel to kill Vexen and show his loyalty. With Vexen’s defeat, Axel completely gains Marluxia’s trust.

Sora and Riku

With Marluxia’s eyes off of him, Axel lets Namine escape to contact Sora. Marluxia finds out about this treachery and tricks Axel into killing Namine. Before he could kill Namine, he is stopped by Sora, who is bewildered at Axel’s willingness to kill Namine for the Organization. Sora then fights Axel out of anger and defeats him.

Axel Character Information

After the fight with Sora, he sees a worn-out Zexion in the basement of Castle Oblivion, recently defeated by Riku. Still serving Saix, who plans to kill all members loyal to Xemnas, he lets the Riku Replica absorb Zexion’s powers.

With Castle Oblivion in disarray, Axel fails to find Namine and the Chamber of Repose and Waking, forcing him to retreat to the World That Never Was. He then saw Roxas befriending a new Organization member named Xion, causing him to be jealous of Roxas’ new friend. However, Axel eventually befriends Xion as well and the three of them would often take a break at Roxas and Axel’s usual spot.


At some point in time, Axel eventually discovers Xion’s origin. In a chaotic sequence of events, Axel finds himself torn between Xion and Roxas as they both have opposing plans and beliefs. Xion believes that she must be killed as she is a hindrance to the return of Sora, but Roxas opposes her plan as he wants to be with her forever. Axel chooses Xion’s side, as he cannot bring himself to disobey Saix’s orders, prompting Roxas to leave the Organization.

After Roxas defeats Xion, Axel discovers a gift left by Roxas; a popsicle stick with “WINNER” engraved on it. His memories of Xion then disappear.

Red Flame Redemption

During the events of Kingdom Hearts 2, Xemnas orders Axel to retrieve Roxas who is under DiZ’s control in a simulated Twilight Town. Axel only accepted this mission after being threatened by Xaldin.

At the Simulated Twilight Town, Axel tries to help Roxas regain his memories, but to no avail. Angry that Roxas is too far gone to remember him, Axel goes all out in a final battle. He is unable to overcome Roxas, however, and his new ability to wield two Keyblades.

Axel Character Information

Axel, who is distraught at Roxas’ disappearance, kidnaps Kairi in order to corrupt Sora’s heart. He plans to turn Sora into a Heartless and summon Roxas again. However, Axel grows fond of Sora, realizing that Sora makes him feel similar to how he felt when he was with Roxas. Makes him feel like he has a heart. Axel then sacrifices himself to save Sora against a swarm of Nobodies in Betwixt and Between.

Lea’s Return

After sacrificing himself to protect Sora, he finds himself in Radiant Garden along with the human forms of the former Organization members. Namely Aeleus, Even, Dilan, and Ienzo. The other revived members speculate that the missing ones, Braig and Isa, might still be living as Nobodies.

Wanting to wield a Keyblade and gains powers to defeat Xehanort, Lea trains under Merlin along with the three good fairies Merryweather, Flora, and Fauna.

When he senses that Sora is in danger, Axel goes to The World that Never Was. A hooded figure attacks him while he is distracted by the appearance of Xemnas and Xigbar. The mysterious man’s hood is then blown back, revealing himself to be Saix. In addition, it is revealed that Saix has become one of Xehanort’s vessels. Riku and the rest of the party then retreat after retrieving the unconscious Sora. Lea takes a last glance to his fallen friend as he escapes.

Axel Character Information

After a party celebrating Riku’s promotion to Keyblade Master, Lea accidentally summons his own Keyblade.

Promising to be stronger, Lea continues his training to become a Keyblade wielder.

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