Shin Megami Tensei V - Magatsuhi Skills Guide

A guide on Magatsuhi skills in Shin Megami Tensei V. Included are basic information on Magatsuhi skills, mechanics, how to use, and othe useful tips and strategies.

Shin Megami Tensei V - Magatsuhi Skills Guide

Magatsuhi Skills Guide

Shin Megami Tensei V - Magatsuhi Skills Guide

What are Magatsuhi Skills?

Magatsuhi skills are a unique class of demon skills that can only be used when the Magatsuhi gauge is full (displayed on the upper right corner of the battle screen). They are among the most powerful skills in the game, allowing your party to deal massive damage or gain useful buffs in battle.

Magatsuhi Skills List

Magatsuhi Skills and Demon Race

Each demon race, including the protagonist, has access to various Magatsuhi skills. There are also certain skills that can be used by any race. Upon meeting certain conditions, the protagonist will be able to execute Magatsuhi skills that are exclusive to specific races.

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How to Use Magatsuhi Skills

To use Magatsuhi skills, your party must fully charge the Magatsuhi gauge which builds up whenever any of your party members take damage. In this sense, Magatsuhi skills are akin to desperation attacks or “limit breaks” that your party can perform.

Using a Magatsuhi skill depletes the entire gauge so you will need to charge it up again by receiving damage. It is important to note that executing Magatsuhi skills does not use up a character’s turn and can be seen as allowing party members to act twice.

Other Useful Information

Magatsuhi Skills are not affected by Skill Potential.

As a unique category of skills in the game, Magatsuhi are not affected by Skill Potential. Instead, certain Magatsuhi skills are affected by specific parameters such as the user’s level.

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Enemy Skills Similar to Magatsuhi Skills

While enemies themselves do not possess any sort of Magatsuhi gauge to use such skills, they are able to gather Magatsuhi from the surroundings during battle and will emit a golden aura upon doing so. This signifies that they are charging up to use an immensely powerful attack which will be used on their next turn.

These powerful enemy skills are rarely used in battle and are usually performed when foes, particularly bosses, are at very low health.

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