[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Time Trial Mode

This article contains information about Time Trial modes in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5]. It also contains some tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks: Time Trial

Time Trial is a mode in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5]. It’s available in Freemode in which players must compete for the fastest times on the track. As they continue battling each other for the time, the winner with the best time earns the most money. Unlike some of the modes such as Hunt the Beast or Beast vs. Slasher, the player has no need to go through checkpoints and can accomplish the match in any way he chooses. For this mode, players only see themselves and the other players cannot interfere.

Don’t swing your curves too wide

Taking the curves in a wide manner causes the car to drift, losing precious time. Drifting, while it may be good in dirt racing, urban street racing often times doesn’t rely on drifts. In fact, clipping the corner with a controlled speed may do one better than throwing the car in a wide arc.

Speed Boosts

In Time Trial, there are no speed boosts unlike the ones in Stunt Racing. However, some concepts may apply such as the riding along the bumpers to increase speed. However, some of the tricks such as the loop the loop may not be available. However, the speed boosts can help especially for motorcycles.

Choose a suitable vehicle

Most people would choose fast motorcycles due to their increased speed. Another is a sports car or a car’s that been fully upgraded. Doing so would assure them being able to beat the set time.

Watch the road

Watch the areas you intend to pass. The time of day can help you finish a particular track faster. However, this may be detrimental especially at night since most places are unlit. If the car has headlights, that works too. However, if it doesn’t, perhaps leave the Time Trial for another day unless the player has mastery over the track.

Control the car

The car doesn’t control you. The speed of the car depends on how the player controls the car. Also, speeding up isn’t always the best answer to everything. Sometimes, the best way to go through a track sometimes is to go low and slow especially when taking tricks.

Take risks

Certain tricks can increase speed. Some of these tricks such as Wheelies can increase the speed of the motorcycle or the vehicle in both acceleration and top speed. Don’t be afraid to pull this trick especially if will improve a player’s over-all time.

List of Maps

No. Time Trial Locations Par Time Reward
1 Del Perro Pier Del Perro Pier to Land Act Dam 1:43.200 $51000
2 Observatory Galileo Observatory to McKenzie Airfield 2:04.400 $52000
3 Great Ocean Highway A Parking Lot in Rockford Hills to Hookies 2:04.900 $52000
4 Mount Gordo Beginning of Mount Gordo trail to the peak of Mount Gordo 0:46.300 $51000
5 End to End South-east corner of the Terminal docks to Procopio Promenade Paleto Bay 4:09.500 $54000
6 Fort Zancudo Fort Zancudo Approach to the top of Vinewood Hillsnear the Vinewood Sign 1:44.000 $51000
7 Storm Drain In the Los Santos Storm Drain in La Mesa 0:38.500 $51000
8 Up Chiliad Paleto Forest Sawmill to the top of Mount Chiliad 1:10.000 $51000
9 Sawmill Paleto Forest Sawmill to Davis Quartz Quarry 2:15.000 $51000
10 Cypress Flats Cypress Flats to RON Alternates Wind Farm 2:07.200 $52000
11 Up-n-Atom Procopio Beach to North Chumash 1:41.300 $51000
12 Maze Bank Arena Maze Bank Arena to Sisyphus Theater 1:17.800 $51000
13 Tongva Valley Tongva Drive to Dorset Drive 0:58.800 $51000
14 Coast to Coast Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness to Cape Catfish 2:29.400 $52000
15 Casino Casino to Lake Vinewood Estates 1:00.000 $51000
16 Route 68 Route 68 Larry’s RV Sales to RON Gas Station Lago Zancudo 1:19.000 $51000
17 LSIA LSIA top of Multi Level Parking 1 to White Water Activity Center Tongva Valley 1:43.400 $51000
18 Calafia Way Junction Joshua Road/Calafia Road to North Calafia Way 1:24.200 $51000
19 Vinewood Bowl Vinewood Bowl to Sonar Collections Dock 2:58.800 $52000
20 Power Station Palmer-Taylor Power Station to Nikola Place Mirror Park 1:26.600 $51000
21 Raton Canyon Hookies to Calafia Road 1:16.600 $51000
22 Down Chiliad Down Mount Chiliad in eastern direction 0:57.200 $51000

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