[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Adversary Game Mode Guide

This article contains information about Grand Theft Auto V’s [GTA 5] game mode – Adversary. We will update this when more modes come out.

Adversary Game Mode Guide

The Adversary Game Mode is player versus player but with more mechanics. There are 35 different game modes within Adversary Game Mode which engage the players with different mechanics. Adversary mode seems to mix several mechanics from different game modes for players to enjoy.

List of Adversary Modes

Heists Patch

Come Out To Play

Come Out To Play is a mode where there are three runners and a team of hunters. The runners however have access to all weapons. But in exchange, they only have one life and can travel on foot. Hunters however only have one weapon – free aim Shotguns and cannot leave their vehicles: ATV’s and motorcycles.

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Siege Mentality 

Siege Mentality is similar to the Hold Mode in which the players are split into two teams. However, there’s a bit of difference in terms of mechanics. One team, known as the Hold Outs, only have one life but have the most powerful weapons on hand. There are six other players, known as attackers, have unlimited lives but are left with only the Sawed-Off Shotguns.

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Hasta La Vista

Hasta La Vista is an adversary game mode involves players using vehicles as a means of combat. There are two sets of pairs: cyclists and truckers. The cyclists are to reach the finish line while the truckers are meant to stop them. While the cyclists have increased speed, they also only have one life. On the other hand, truckers are slower but have unlimited lives. Players cannot use any other weapon other than the vehicle on hand.

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Freemode Events Update

Cross the Line

For Cross the Line, both teams are heavily armed. With that, players must fight in a neutral zone in order to gain more ground. The team who can cross the line first into the next line wins. Player mechanics are all equal. Players have the same amount of life and have access to all weapons.

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Hunting Pack

There are two teams in Hunting Pack Mode. One team has to escort a vehicle and the other one has to damage the vehicle. The escort team must keep the vehicle at a certain speed limit or else it explodes. The “hunting pack” or the opposing team must home in into the car and do everything they can to slow it down. This includes ramming the car or battering it until it hits below its required speed rate. The car also has a driver who will be the one driving the rigged car.

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Hunt the Beast

For this particular game mode, there is one player who becomes the beast. This selection occurs at random, leaving the other players to attempt to kill the beast. The Beast however can remain hidden from the other players and is stronger and faster. The player’s objective, as the Beast, is to hit 10 check points within 30 minutes. However, the Beast soon becomes discovered when it doesn’t hit the landmark for 3 minutes or hits a landmark.

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GTA Online: Lowriders Update

Keep the Pace

This particular game mode is more racing in nature. The player races around an obstacle-littered race course. In this course, it includes jumps, tubes, and a variety of obstacles that normally appear in the Stunt Races. However, there’s one catch: players must keep the car at a specific speed. Failure to comply causes the vehicle to explode, immediately eliminating the player out of the race.

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Offense Defense

Players in Offense Defense have two roles. The “offense” is the player being the runner. As the runner, the player’s main objective is to reach the destined check point as fast as possible. The “defense” or the defender will play as the shield to prevent incoming attacks that will either destroy the car or slow down the car.

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Players race around the course in Relay. In Relay, players run a full lap around the course before meeting up with their teammate. Once the player reaches the line, the next member in line will race another round. This will continue until all members have raced one round in the track.

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GTA Online: Lowriders Custom Classics


Similar to a vehicle derby, players are thrown into an arena with vehicles. While in the vehicles, players must push other vehicles out of the ring to win. Players must use pure brute force to shove the enemy out of the ring. However, players cannot brake or use the handbrake. In this particular mode, players must tactically use their speed to shove other players out of the ring.

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Inch by Inch

Players, armed with pistols, heavy grenades, and shotguns, must secure a package which is in the center of the playing area. The player who safely delivers his packages across the other line secures a point. However, the player who picks up the package cannot use any weapons. But he does have an increased speed boost to outrun his enemies.

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Halloween Surprise


Slasher appears as an Adversary Mode in the Halloween Surprise Update. For this particular adversary mode, players are given two choices. One choice is to become the Hunted and the other is to become the Slasher. The Slasher’s objective is to hunt down the Hunted within 3 minutes. The Slasher can also wield a shot gun to take down the Hunted. On the other hand, the Hunted is only armed with a flash light. The Hunted’s task is to survive for the next 3 minutes before finding a Shotgun to kill the Slasher.

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Festive 2015

Beast vs. Slasher

Similar to Slasher and Hunt the Beast, the player must instead hunt 15 checkpoints without being killed. There are multiple slashers yet the Beast can remain undetected. The player portraying the Beast is also faster and stronger than the players. However, the players playing as the Slasher have Sawed-Off Shotguns to defeat the Beast. This particular adversary mode appeared during Festive Surprise 2015.

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GTA Online: Be My Valentine

Til Death Do Us Part

On February 12, 2016, GTA Online came out with the new patch GTA Online: Be My Valentine. It is in this patch that this particular adversary mode appeared. While this game includes Deathmatch mechanics, the difference is that the players share a single life. The objective is to defeat the other pair that’s roaming around the arena. However, once one member of the pair dies – the other immediately commits suicide.

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Festive 2016


The Juggernaut is highly-reinforced and the players’ strongest asset and biggest liability. Players must successfully defend their own Juggernaut while trying to defeat the Juggernaut of the other team. The Juggernaut has infinite ammunition while using the Minigun, making them a strong asset. They are also capable of taking a heavy amount of bullets before suffering defeat.

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Independence Week Special

Dawn Raid

During the Independence Week Special and as a means to continue the Gunrunning Patch Update, the developers released the Dawn Raid adversary mode. The Dawn Ride requires players to leap out of an aircraft and descend into a deadly crossfire. As they descend into the crossfire, players must be able to distinguish where the source of gunfire is coming from. The game mode also requires a bit of night vision in order to avoid incoming bullets. After gunning down the opposition, players can now profit from the cargo left behind.

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GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony

Trading Places

Trading Places is an Adversary Mode that has a challenge-the-winner mechanic. The players are capable of switching teams but only when they defeat a particular person. There are two teams, winners and losers. If a person from the losers team kills a member from the winners’ team, they immediately switch over to the winners’ team and become a VIP. The one who died on the other hand switches over to the losers’ team.

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Power Play

Similar to a Deathmatch, players are sent out to kill each other. However, a cybernetic voice will introduce certain power ups that will drop in the area. Players must defeat each other inside the arena using a combination of power ups and weapons.

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Cunning Stunts Update


In this particular Adversary mode, there are three roles: target, assassin, and body guards. The target must reach the destined check point under three minutes. The assassins however must kill the target before the target reaches the landmark. With that, the body guards have to protect the target. While the assassins have infinite lives, they have weaker weapons. Bodyguards on the other hand only have 3 lives but stronger weapons.

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Similar to Deathmatch, players must defeat the opposing members to win. However, this game is a numbers game. As one of your teammates kills one enemy, the players on the opposing team can resurrect a member with the death of one of yours. The first team that loses all their team members loses.

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Tiny Racers

Tiny Racers involves players racing to the finish line. However, there’s a new mechanic. One mechanic is that the players must retain a certain speed and distance to prevent themselves from exploding. Once they fall back too far, the players detonate and explode.

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For Slipstream Adversary mode, players must work in teams of two. As they work as pairs, players need to use the slipstreams from other enemies. As they do, they can also deal well-timed attacks to knock down enemies.

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Lost vs. Damned

In Lost vs. Damned, players are split into two teams: Angels and Devils. Every one minute, the team has a phase where they can score stronger weapons. Angels do better in the morning while Devils at night. While the opposing team only has melee weapons, they can still reduce points while killing in their off phase.

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For Deadline, a maximum of four players have differently coloured Shotaros. They run around in a large floating platform. The mechanic is that players need to use the bike’s energy trail to block the paths of rival players. However, any unfortunate player who ends up touching the trail instantly explodes. The player can only explode a limited amount of times depending on the settings.

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Kill Quota

In Kill Quota, 16 players must use 4 out of 6 weapons in their weapon wheel to kill their enemies. Players can group up in teams of 2, 3, or 4 to take down enemies. These weapons can range from extremely powerful weapons such as the RPG and the Homing Launcher to a melee weapon such as a Switchblade.

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Turf Wars

For Turf Wars Adversary Mode, a minimum of two teams ride speedy vehicles while trying to compete for territory. The turf is marked with control tiles as they change colour. However, this game mode can handle a maximum of four teams. While trying to claim territory, players can also obtain rockets to destroy their enemies and protect their turf.

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Vehicle Vendetta

In Vehicle Vendetta, players can release all their road rage without getting caught. The LSPD are disabled in this mode. Vehicle Vendetta pits the player and their teammates against crazed driving maniacs. As the players race around, players can obtain power-ups to overpower the enemy.

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Collection Time

In Collection Time, players must collect the highest amount of bags until the timer runs out. However, to gain bags – players must kill one another. All players start with one bag before being killed. Once the player is dead, the bag will drop and will be up for grabs for any player who can get to it first.

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Random Events

Running Back

In this Adversary Game Mode, Running Back divides the players into two teams. There is the offensive team which must help the Runner. The runner is driving a Panto while using Biftas. The other team is the defensive team which must prevent the runner from reaching the other side while also using Biftas.

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Every Bullet Counts

In Every Bullet Counts, it’s a four man battle. Four players must defeat one another using only a Marksman Pistol with only two bullets and melee weapons.

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Rhino Hunt

Rhino Hunt requires stopping 1-2 players that are driving Rhino Tanks. However, the other team is left to use sticky bombs in order to stop the Rhino Tank.

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In and Out

This adversary mode fuses both the mechanics of Adversary Mode and Capture Mode.

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