[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Last Team Standing Mode

This article contains information about Last Team Standing Modes in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5]. It also contains some tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks: Last Team Standing


Last Standing Team mode is a mode in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5] that allows players to group up and defeat one another. Similar to Counterstrike and other shooting games, players meet up in the arena with one objective: to be the last one standing. Drops such as health kits, Bull Shark Testosterone, and weapons litter the area. This is meant to give the players advantages over one another. The object of the game is to win in a shoot out with the most members or be the last one standing.

Players who die do not respawn. Instead, they spectate the rest of the match until their team is eliminated. Most players prefer this game mode due to the high payout. The longer the game and the more players there are, the higher the payout.

Pair Up Strategy

This means the team will split into pairs, allowing them to move around with at least one cover. However, this sort of strategy often fails against a Zerg strategy. The latter strategy involves all members of the team getting involved in a team class. As a pair, players are meant to peel away from the other team. Peeling involves the player taking off pressure from the team by surgically extracting one member from the opposing team at a time.

Zerg Strategy

The Zerg strategy involves the team moving as a single unit to defeat the enemy. This is often good especially for team clashes but often find themselves victim to a single, talented Sniper. A sniper can peel off members from within the team. Their task is to use head-shots until the main force goes in to meet them. In a battle of numbers, the remaining four can win against the team’s remaining members. However, this works if and only if the Sniper has taken out a good number of players.

List of Maps in Last Team Standing Mode

Some of the maps may not be available in some modes should the player not have the enhanced version.

  • Alta LTS
  • Banning LTS
  • Battle of the:
    • Alamo LTS
    • Los Santos LTS
    • Raton LTS
    • Senora LTS
  • Coastal Path LTS
  • Cypress Flats LTS
  • Del Perro Freeway LTS
  • Del Perro Pier LTS
  • East Vinewood LTS
  • Encampment LTS
  • Fridgit Factory LTS
  • Grand Banks LTS
  • Grand Senora Desert LTS
  • Grapeseed Farm LTS
  • Hawick LTS
  • Humane Labs LTS
  • Kortz LTS
  • Little Seoul LTS
  • Mount Josiah LTS
  • N.O.O.S.E. LTS
  • Paleto Bay LTS
  • Paleto Bay – Tanks LTS
  • Penitentiary LTS
  • Power Station LTS
  • Richman Hotel LTS
  • Richman Mansion LTS
  • Skyscraper LTS
  • Stab City LTS
  • Storm Drain – Tank LTS
  • Tataviam Truckstop LTS
  • The Land Act Dam LTS
  • Townhall LTS
  • Vespucci Beach LTS
  • Vineyard LTS
  • Vinewood Hills LTS
  • Von Crastenburg LTS

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