[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Deathmatch Mode Guide

This article contains information about Deathmatch Modes in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5]. It also contains some tips and tricks.


Deathmatch holds a similar objective as to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Players fight in an arena to the death. This is also known as PvP or “Player Versus Player” and is available only when playing Grand Theft Auto V Online. This part of the game splits into several different modes: standard, team, and vehicle.

If the player is looking for tips and tricks on a more general understanding for Deathmatch, click here.

Standard Mode

Standard Death Match can have a player enter as a solo player or as a pair. In this particular mode, everything breaks out into a large battle royale in which players must kill each other in the map. Players respawn back at the starting point and have to reach a certain amount of kills before the other players do. For those who solo-queue and wish to practice their shots without handicaps, players often enter Standard Mode.

This can go as Team or even as a Skirmish.

Team Mode

Team Mode often includes 2-4 teams fighting in the battlefield. However, this is highly dependent on the map that the players end up with. Players often have to party up or the host will have to decide which team the players will be. The objective remains the same however save for the bigger amount of allies.


Vehicle Deathmatch involves players driving a Buzzard or a Rhino tank. With that, players engage one another similarly to how they fight in Sumo. However, the main difference is that the players have no line or terrain limit. Players simply need to smash and shoot each other to be declared the winner.

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