[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Parachute Jumps Mode Guide

This article contains information about Parachute Jumps Mode in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5]. It also contains some tips and tricks.

Parachute Jumps Mode Guide

Parachute Jumps mode is a series of challenges in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5] on online mode where the player must jump out of either a helicopter or a base. While Parachute Jumps also appear offline, they also appear in online mode for players to compete. Each player has a parachute and must land on a specific target. However, there are some parachute jumps that require the player to go through the checkpoints. Others don’t need to. These missions can be repeated but with the rewards are much lower than the first success.

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List of Jump Points: Helicopter Jump

Players must meet a helicopter, the Maverick, at a certain area to begin the mission.

Name of Mission Meet-Up Point Starting Point Landing Point
 Pacific Tour  Puerto Del Sol, La Puerta  Vespucci Beach  Squalo
Photo Finish* Vinewood Racetrack East Vinewood South End of Vinewood Racetrack
Turbine Terror* RON Alternates Windpoint RON Alternates Windpoint RON Alternates Windpoint
The Decline Procopio Promenade Mount Chiliad Procopio Promenade
Runway Train Raton Canyon Canyon Peak Railroad Tracks in Raton Canyon
Carving the Mountain Cassidy Creak Mount Chiliad Raton Canyon
The Fall of Alamo* Grapeseed Alamo Sea Grapeseed
Damned If You Don’t* East Vinewood Park (near Mirror Park Boulevard and Glory Way) Tataviam Mountains East of Vinewood Racetrack

*These are the parachute jumps that require checkpoints to slide through. 

  • Damned If You Don’t – Checkpoints are between Land Act Reservoir and Land Act Dam.

List of Jump Points: Base Jump

Name of Mission Meet-Up Point Starting Point Landing Point
Bank Bailout  Maze Bank Tower Maze Bank Tower (Top) Burton
What Goes Up… Mile High Club Top of the Crane in Mile High Club Hauler along Altra Street
 Falling Mouse Raton Canyon Raton Canyon  Bottom of Raton Canyon
Aim for the Fairway South Mo Milton Drive Eclipse Towers  Los Santos Country Club
Razor Rock Dive Raton Canyon Top of Raton Canyon Bottom of Raton Canyon

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