Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Eraqus Character Information

This is an article about Kingdom Hearts 3's Eraqus, who appeared in the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep game. Included are his bio, weapons, and other basic information.

Overview of Eraqus

Basic information

KH3 Eraqus

Weapon Keyblade
Weapon Name Master’s Defender
Appearance Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Voice Actor (Japanese) Makio Inoue
Daisuke Namikawa (boyhood)
Voice Actor (English) Mark Hamill

What will happen to Eraqus in KH3?

Will he be the key to save Terra?

Eraqus was seemingly killed during Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. However, after Xehanort uses Terra’s body for one of his vessels, he learns that Eraqus entered Terra’s heart. This allowed Terra to resist Xehanort’s possession.

Terra remains possessed by Xehanort, so it seems likely that there is something in store for Eraqus with regards to Terra’s heart and his complete restoration.

KH3 Young Eraqus
In addition, KH 3’s preview back in E3 2015 introduced a scene where a young Eraqus and Xehanort talked about the Keyblade War while playing chess.

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Activities in the KH series


▼ Mark of Mastery Exam

Eraqus conducts the Mark of Mastery exam for Terra and Aqua in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. The Mark of Mastery exam is a test for those chosen by the Keyblade to become Keyblade Masters. It is a brutal trial that tests each of the wielders’ skills and heart. Terra and Aqua are chosen to take the Mark of Mastery, while Ventus is not allowed to participate due to his age.

▼ Chose Aqua as Keyblade Master

After an intense battle, Eraqus chooses Aqua as a Keyblade Master while dismissing Terra. Even though he shows great skill, Eraqus sees that Terra was relying on his inner darkness.

▼ Eraqus’ Mission to Aqua and Terra

Following the Mark of Mastery exam, Eraqus is summoned by Yen Sid to investigate the Unserved universe that suddenly spawned. Eraqus later instructs Aqua to look after Terra, since he fears Terra might be tempted by the darkness. After Terra departs, Aqua and Eraqus witness Ventus leaving as well. This leads Eraqus to instruct Aqua to bring Ventus back.

▼ Eraqus tries to Seal Ventus

Upon returning, Ventus confronts Eraqus about the X-Blade. Eraqus realizes that Xehanort was the one who told Ventus of the X-Blade, as well as his plan of trying to spawn Kingdom Hearts using the X-Blade. Eraqus then tries to kill Ventus, as he is a crucial part of the X-Blade.

However, Terra thwarts Eraqus from trying to seal Ventus. Eraqus senses that Terra has succumbed to the power of the darkness and has no choice but to kill them both.

▼ to be aware of your mistakes …

Terra and Eraqus clashed. Eraqus sent Ventus to Destiny Island via a portal before Terra manages to wound Eraqus. Eraqus regrets fighting his apprentices and feels that he should not have raised his Keyblade against them. But, just then, Xehanort deals the final blow to Eraqus, leading to his demise.

▼ Terra’s Heart

It was revealed from Xehanort’s remark that Terra’s heart is still somehow resisting his possession. At the secret ending of Birth by Sleep It is hinted that Eraqus might have something to do with Terra’s resistance to Xehanort.

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