Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Roxas Character Information

Character information regarding Roxas, Sora's Nobody. Learn more about the story of his struggle to find his true identity.

Roxas Character Information

Roxas Character Information

Weapons Used Oblivion and Oathkeeper, Kingdom Key
Appears in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Japanese Voice Actor Kōki Uchiyama
English Voice Actor Jesse McCartney

Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 3

It is possible that Roxas will appear in Kingdom Hearts 3 due to what Zexion said in a trailer for the game.

According to Zexion, the virtual world that Ansem the Wise created could have included the full data of Roxas. With this new revelation, Zexion might be able to reconstruct the virtual world to include not only Roxas, but Xion and Namine as well.

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Roxas’ History

The Unique Nobody

During the events of the first Kingdom Hearts game, Sora stabs himself with a Keyblade in order to free Kairi’s heart. As a result, Sora’s heart separated from his body and turned into a heartless. His body then turned into a Nobody, Roxas.

Normally, nobodies look like the person they were originally, but this isn’t the case with Roxas. Ventus’ heart, which was sleeping inside Sora, was also affected when Sora became a Heartless. Because of this, Roxas looks like Ventus but has vivid memories of Sora.

This combination of Roxas’ identity also resulted in him being able to use two Keyblades, having come from two hearts.

Sora and Roxas were able to co-exist because Sora’s Heartless was turned back into human form through special means, despite being incomplete. Technically, half of Sora’s being is still in Roxas.

Organization XIII

Roxas first comes into being in Twilight Town with no memory of himself. A hooded man, later revealed to be Xemnas, finds him near the abandoned mansion and gives him the name Roxas.

Roxas Character Information

The Nobody meets Hayner, Pence, and Olette as he joins their gang. Roxas next meets Axel, who asks him to join Organization XIII to find his true identity. Roxas gradually learns how to talk while he is in The World That Never Was.

Xemnas than placed Roxas under Axel’s care. It was during his training with Axel that they became best friends. The two could regularly be seen happily eating sea-salt ice cream together on the Twilight Town clock tower.

Friendship with Xion

When Axel is tasked to stop Marluxia’s plans in Castle Oblivion, Roxas is left to take care of Xion, a mysterious new member of the Organization. They also become close friends after a while.

After a few days, Roxas falls into a coma when Sora is placed in a Memory Pod to sleep. Once he recovers, Axel and Xion take care of him. However, Roxas is beginning to experience dreams related to Sora’s memories. This phenomenon happens as Sora slowly regains his memories.

He begins to doubt the Organization, questioning the reason he is the one of the only two that can use a Keyblade. Xion, who feels a deep connection to Sora, leaves the Organization to find him.

Roxas, feeling the connection as Xion, leaves the Organization out of suspicion for their true motives. Xion eventually meets Roxas, who begs her to stop looking for Sora and “unite” with him. However, Xion provokes Roxas to attack him, which leads to a grueling battle, Roxas emerging the victor. After being defeated, Xion tells Roxas that her defeat was the only way for Sora to heal. Xion also tells him that he must stop Xemnas from using Kingdom Hearts’ power.

Quest for Answers

Roxas, promising to prevent Xemnas from freeing Kingdom Hearts, travels to different worlds to find ways to defeat the leader of the Organization.

During his journey at Memory’s Skyscraper, Riku attacks him after they both fended off the swarming Heartless. Riku aims to knock Roxas out and bring him to DiZ. Roxas doesn’t trust anyone anymore, however, so he retaliates.

Roxas defeats Riku. Riku then releases his full potential by taking off his blindfold and transforming into Ansem. In this form, Riku is able to easily defeat Roxas. Riku then takes the unconscious Roxas to DiZ, who created a virtual Twilight Town for him to live inside.

The virtual town gives DiZ and Namine more time to hide Roxas from the Organization and successfully merge him with Sora. DiZ erases Roxas’ memories of being in the Organization and replaces them with ones of spending a “summer vacation” in the town.

A Summer Vacation

Roxas spends his time inside the simulated Twilight Town with no memory of Axel or Xion. Now that Namine is almost finished with fully healing Sora’s memories, Roxas begins to have vivid visions of Sora and his friends.

Namine also grows fond of Roxas, seeing herself in him. She enters the simulated Twilight Town to meet Roxas every once in a while.

Roxas Character Information

While Roxas is living a peaceful life in the town, Axel eventually finds where he is and infiltrates the virtual town. He first summons Heartless to wreak havoc on the town to distract Roxas. Axel tries to convince Roxas to leave the town and return to the Organization, but Roxas can’t remember him and refuses to follow.

Afterward, Namine finally reveals to Roxas his true identity. She tells him that he is living in a simulated world and is destined to reunite with Sora. Roxas refuses to believe this, but Namine understands his situation. Eventually, Roxas accepts his fate. Namine promises him that he will never disappear once he merges with Sora.

A Good Other

During Sora’s journey in Kingdom Hearts 2, he can often feel Roxas’ presence inside him. In addition, Sora is called Roxas by some members of Organization XIII who are angry at his Nobody’s betrayal.

When Sora reaches Memory’s Skyscraper, Roxas confronts him inside his heart. Roxas is angry at the fact that Sora is the one chosen to exist while he is not. With Roxas wanting to take control of Sora’s heart, they fight inside Sora’s Station of Serenity, Sora emerging victorious. Before fading away, Roxas commends Sora for being a “good other”.

Roxas Character Information

Before Sora and Riku defeat Xemnas, Sora and Roxas meet once again with Namine and Kairi present. Roxas and Namine realize that as long as Sora and Kairi are together, they can be together as well. Roxas then merges with Sora again to complete his human self’s being.

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