Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Rank Acquisition Guide

Tips on getting long combos and high Style Ranks in order to gain as many red orbs as possible when playing Devil May Cry 5.

Rank Acquisition – How to earn S Rank

Getting a high rank in Devil May Cry is essential, as it is the best way to obtain Red Orbs. These orbs can then be used to upgrade your character, weapons, and skills. Red Orbs can also be used to revive yourself when overwhelmed by opponents.

You get more Red Orbs as you get a high rank on a stage’s completion. It is always a good plan to aim for an S rank at minimum. Here are some basic guidelines for a high grade:

S Rank

Requirement Stylish point average of 5500 or more

Avoid Getting Hit

In order to achieve a high stylish rank, it is imperative to avoid being hit by enemies. Your combos are cut off when you get hit or are damaged, so it is best to master dodging enemy attacks.

Mastering Your Weapons and Utilizing Combos

Devil May Cry 5 rewards you for using multiple weapons to defeat your enemies. As such, it is wise to get accustomed to each of your weapons’ attack patterns so that you can easily switch between them while cutting down opponents. The longer your combo, the higher your rank will be. This gives you additional Stylish points, which means a higher rank and more red orbs as a result.

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