Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Demo Walkthrough

Walkthrough of Devil May Cry 5's playable demo released on February 7, 2019, including objectives, obtainable items, recommended strategies, enemies encountered, and boss guides.

DMC 5 Demo Walkthrough

In-Game Bonus for Playing the Demo

If you have save data of Devil May Cry 5’s demo version, you will receive a gift of 30,000 Red Orbs upon playing the full release of the game.

Devil May Cry 5 Demo Walkthrough

First Area

DMC 5 Demo Walkthrough

1 Proceed forward
2 Read the tutorial for “Devil Breaker”
3 Read the tutorial for “Breakage”
4 Battle the enemies at the square
5 Read the tutorial for “Breakaway”
6 Proceed to the road
7 Attack the tentacles that appear
8 Battle the Hell Vanguards in the plaza of hotel
9 Read the tutorial for “Wire Snatch”
8 Prepare for the next area after entering the hotel

Second Area

DMC 5 Demo Walkthrough

1 Battle the Hell Vanguards in the room
2 Proceed outside of the hotel
3 Battle the enemies
4 Read the tutorial for “Nidhogg Hatchling”
5 Proceed to the alley ahead to get the Nidhogg Hatchling
6 Open the blocked path with the Nidhogg Hatchling
7 Read the tutorial for “Phone Booth”
8 Read the tutorial for “Customize”

Third Area

DMC 5 Demo Walkthrough

1 Battle the Incandescent Colossus Goliath

Demo Walkthrough Strategy

Press L3 when you are lost

DMC 5 Demo Walkthrough

If you have trouble finding the next destination, press L3 to point the camera to your objective.

A large amount of Red Orbs can be obtained in the alley on the right

After the first battle with enemies, you can proceed to the path on the right, past the obtainable Punch Line, instead of left where the tentacles are, to find a demon that carries a large amount of Red Orbs. You will need to take it down fast as it will run away after being attacked for a certain period of time.

You might miss the Phone Booth before the Boss Battle

DMC 5 Demo Walkthrough

After proceeding through the blocked path, you will find the Phone Booth that lets you arrange your equipment in battle. It is possible to skip this and go straight to the boss fight but it is best to make a short stop and prepare for the battle ahead.

Incandescent Colossus Goliath Boss Guide

DMC 5 Demo Walkthrough

Goliath Boss Strategy Guide

Goliath is encountered at the end of the demo. Though the boss is not that fast, it hits very hard and has a variety of attacks that you need to watch out for. A good strategy is to try to get behind it and attack to avoid its swings.

Many of Goliath’s close-range attacks can be dodged, especially if you go airborne. Gerbera is a good Devil Breaker to use in the fight as it allows you to quickly move out of harm’s way more reliably than Nero’s normal dodge.

Green Orbs can be found scattered in the third area of the boss fight to help you get through if you are getting hit too often.

Obtainable Devil Breakers

DMC 5 Demo Walkthrough

Location Devil Breaker
First Area Gerbera x1
Punch Line x1
Second Area Gerbera x1
Overture x1
Third Area Gerbera x1

Obtainable Abilities

Ability Red Orbs Required
Air Hike 2,000
Enemy Step 15,000
Roulette Spin 6,000
Shuffle 11,000
Exceed 2 8,000

Amount of Obtainable Red Orbs

DMC 5 Demo Walkthrough

Location Red Orbs Obtained
First Area About 9,000
Second Area About 3,000
Third Area About 8,000

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