Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Blue Orb Locations

Information on Blue Orb Locations in Devil May Cry 5.

Blue Orb


Collecting four blue orbs strengthens the character’s maximum HP. Having higher HP will make the possibility of death and failure much lower.

Available Blue Orbs in the Game

A total of 14 blue orbs are scattered throughout the game. Collecting all of them will bring your character’s maximum HP to 19.

Where to Find Blue Orbs


At the start of the game, you can purchase up to six Blue Orbs from Nico’s shop. You can make your life easier by purchasing three blue orbs as you start a new game.


You can obtain blue orb fragments from missions.

Secret Missions

You can earn blue orb fragments when you clear secret missions.

Blue Orb Locations

Number Location
1 Mission 1: Below the bridge debris.
2 Breakable floor next to the room where Nidhogg is
3 Finish Secret Mission 1
4 Mission 2: The room where the Nidhogg Hatchling broke
5 Mission 3: Near the starting point
6 Finish Secret Mission 2
7 Mission 3: The site where you ascend the long stairs
8 Destroy the wall with Nightmare
9 Mission 4: Search for a hidden passage and use the Nidhogg Key
10 Finish Secret Mission 3
11 Mission 5: Check behind the tractor’s right side
12 Finish Secret Mission 4
13 Mission 8: Use Airhike and Gerbera on the space-time statue
14 Finish Secret Mission 5
15 Mission 8: Search the floor near the magical artery
16 Mission 9: Use Nightmare to break the red plant
17 Finish Secret Mission 6
18 Mission 9: Jump down to reach a path and climb the steps
19 Head to Mission 10’s location with Sky Star
20 Finish Secret Mission 7
21 Finish Secret Mission 8
22 Mission 11: Locate the site where you destroyed the red roots
23 Mission 12: Follow the blood pool on the platform to your right
24 Finish Secret Mission 9
25 Mission 14: Jump and glide with Griffon to reach the nearby rock
26 Finish Secret Mission 10
27 Finish Secret Mission 11
28 Use Gerbera as you approach Mission 15
29 Mission 15: Inspect the right side of the path to trigger a cutscene
30 Mission 16 – Diverging Point: Dante
31 Finish Mission 12
32 Mission 18: Defeat Empusas and the orb will appear

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