Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Gunslinger Style

Information about Dante's Gunslinger Style in Devil May Cry 5. Includes command lists and abilities.

About Styles

Dante has four styles of combat at his disposal: Trickster, Sword Master, Gunslinger, and Royal Guard. After choosing a style, he can access the style’s various action changes with the ○ button. Styles can be changed at any time and Gunslinger can be equipped by pressing left on the Direction Pad.

Gunslinger Style

Dante’s Gunslinger Style allows him to use long-range weapons and actions to take out demons. With Ebony & Ivory, you can do flashy actions such as shooting while rotating in the air. By holding a style action after doing an air combo, you can keep enemies in the air and continue dishing out punishment.

Gunslinger Style Action List


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