Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Consumable Item List

A guide on all consumable items in Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5 Consumable Items

Unlike past games in the series, Devil May Cry 5 does not feature usable items like Vital Stars, Devil Stars, or Holy Water. The closest things to consumable items are Nero’s Devil Breakers and Gold Orbs.

Devil Breakers

DMC 5 Devil Breakers

Devil Breakers are prosthetic arms that Nero uses when battling demons. Each Devil Breaker gives Nero unique attacks and abilities. Devil Breakers are fragile, however, and will be destroyed when you are attacked while using them or if you perform their charged Breakage attack.

Where to Get Devil Breakers

Devil Breakers List

Gold Orbs

Gold Orbs also count as consumable items, as the player can use them after dying to revive themselves. These can be bought at Nico’s shop, though they are limited in stock. Players will also be given one free Gold Orb each day they log in to the game.

Where to get Gold Orbs

  • Engage in Shared Single Play with other players. You will get Gold Orbs if you earn “likes” from other players.
  • Obtained as a log in bonus each day
  • Purchased in Nico’s Shop
  • Found in various areas in the game.

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