Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Mission 6 – Steel Impact Walkthrough

A complete walklthrough for Mission 6 - Steel Impact in Devil May Cry 5, including mission objectives, boss strategy guides, obtainable weapons, and orb locations.

Devil May Cry 5 - Mission 6 - Pier Ruins

Mission 6 – Steel Impact Walkthrough


Devil May Cry 5 - Mission 6 - Steel Impact Walkthrough


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Area: Red Grave City Pier Ruins

1 Watch the cutscene. Tomboy and Buster Arm Devil Breakers Unlocked
2 Explore and shop in Nico’s Shop.
3 Watch the cutscene: Mission 6 boss introduction.
4 Battle with “Marauding Titan” Gilgamesh.
5 Watch the cutscene: V moves forward underground when Gilgamesh’s HP is at half.
6 Battle with “Marauding Titan” Gilgamesh continues.

Mission 6 – Steel Impact Strategy

4) Battle with “Marauding Titan” Gilgamesh.

Devil May Cry 5 - Mission 6 - Gilgamesh Boss

Gilgamesh Boss Guide

Gilgamesh is a quadrupedal, steel, anthropod demon encountered in the pier ruins of Red Grave city. Once the boss battle begins, shoot the demon’s tentacles to disable them. Approach its underbelly while doing so. The tentacles will fire back with their own energy projectiles, so Nero must be ready to dodge as he approaches. After reaching the boss’ underbelly, target one leg and look for the small red core on its calf. Slash the core until Gilgamesh falls over. If you get pushed away, wire snatch your way back. Once Gilgamesh trips, climb up its back and deal damage to its main core.

The main red core looks similar to the Qlipoth Root’s boss’s core. It will be shielded by scales after receiving a lot of damage. Once it closes up, Nero needs to repeat the same process of knocking Gilgamesh over again. This time, however, Nero needs to hit multiple legs in order to knock it down. Also, Gilgamesh will start to move and retaliate with more energy blasts from its tentacles. While catching up, run through the docked ships to obtain different Orbs. Use the docked ships as your platform to jump to Gilgamesh. The red core is likely to be exposed, so damage it as much as you can.

Gilgamesh will fall down after brought down to 1/3 health. Another cut-scene will trigger between Nero and V. After the cut-scene, Gilgamesh will stand and present two additional defenses. First, its back will become covered with spikes, preventing Nero from landing on it. Next, a top-like drone with a sharp rotating blade will approach you in an attempt to deal damage. These defenses will remain until Gilgamesh is defeated.

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