Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Proto Angelo Boss Guide

A boss guide on Proto Angelo in Devil May Cry 5, including the boss' attacks, behavior, and strategies on defeating it.

DMC 5 Proto Angelo Boss Guide

Proto Angelo


Double Slash

Proto Angelo will slowly swing his sword twice.

Thrust Slash

The boss takes an ochs stance before charging to deliver a wide slash.

Launch Slash

With one hand, the boss will attempt to swing his blade upward.


Exterminate the minions

Work with Nero or V and focus on taking out the minions first so that you can get a clear view of the boss.

In Nero’s case, approach each of the minions carefully and dodge to avoid being swiped. Blast the minions to send them flying, then connect melee attacks to finish them off. Fill up your “Exceed” gauge with Red Queen to quickly clear the minions.

If you are using V, have Nightmare fight alongside your familiars to dispatch the minions quickly. This boss battle shouldn’t take too long. Your minions and Nero together will prevent the boss from having many opportunities to attack. If however, the boss gets close, use Farthest Move to break free.

Confronting Proto Angelo

With the minions out of the way, Proto Angelo will attempt to fend off your attacks alone. However, with the aid of either Nero or V, you can easily overwhelm him with a combination of attacks.

Deal Combos with Nero

Nero excels in melee combat. Time your dodges or jumps to back away when Proto Angelo thrusts. Then, when the boss is slowly recovering, close in and land combos with Red Queen to chip away at his health.

Summon Familiars with V

Whittle the boss down with your familiars. Leave the frontlines to Nero while you assist from behind with your summons.

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