Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Purple Orb Locations

Information on Purple Orb Locations in Devil May Cry 5.

Purple Orb


Purple Orbs can be found as fragments in the game. Collecting four Purple Orb Fragments raises the character’s maximum magical power.

Available Gold Orbs in the Game

There are a total of 8 Purple Orbs in the game.
Purple Orb Fragments will start to appear on Mission 4 – V.
If you managed to collect all Purple Orbs, your maximum magical power caps at 10.

Finding Purple Orbs

These can be found as fragments during Missions.
Main Story Missions

Purple Orb Locations

Number Location
1 Follow the path to your right and enter the warehouse in Mission 4
2 Mission 5: Look behind the top of the white cargo in the construction site
3 Mission 9: Command Nightmare to destroy the wall and then defeat all the enemies in the catacombs
4 Mission 10 – Awaken
5 Mission 11: When you finish the battle, search the round platform
6 Mission 12: Break the core to trigger the blood stream. Then, follow the path
7 Mission 14 – Diverging Point: V
8 Mission 16: Check the wall which leads to Secret Mission 12

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