Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Recommended Battle Styles

A guide on recommended Styles on for Dante in Devil May Cry 5, including the features unique to each one.

Recommended Battle Styles for Dante

DMC 5 Recommended Styles

Sword Master

DMC 5 Recommended Styles

Sword Master is a melee-focused style that allows Dante to perform special attacks with his Devil Arms using the Style Action button. Swordmaster is Dante’s best Style for offense, allowing for extended combos, especially in the air, to stack even more damage on enemies.

The quickest way to defeat enemies is through melee attacks, making Sword Master invaluable throughout the game.

Recommendation: ★ ★ ★


DMC 5 Recommended Styles

Arguably the most versatile of all the styles, Trickster focuses on mobility and avoidance of enemy attacks by allowing Dante to dash in and out of the fray with the Style Action button. The invincibility frames evading offers are extremely useful in battle, both against regular enemies and bosses. Trickster’s evasive maneuvers require less timing than normal dodges, allowing you to evade attacks more easily.

Trickster also allows Dante the most freedom in aerial movement. He can double jump and follow with Sky Star to avoid enemy attacks or to get up to hard to reach places.

Recommendation: ★ ★ ★


DMC 5 Recommended Styles

Gunslinger is a somewhat underwhelming style, allowing Dante to perform special attacks with his assortment of firearms. Because firearms do relatively low damage compared to melee weapons, it is best not to focus on Gunslinger over Swordmaster or Trickster.

Gunslinger serves to offer more diversity to your offensive arsenal, allowing you to raise your Stylish rank in battle more easily by connecting melee and ranged attacks together.

Recommendation: ★

Royal Guard

DMC 5 Recommended Styles

Royal Guard focuses on blocking enemy attacks, as well as being able to release accumulated energy back at the opponent. Guarding an enemy’s attack expends one bar of the Devil Trigger gauge, though you can negate this penalty by performing a Just Guard. This is done by blocking at the exact moment the attack hits you.

Royal Guard has little use against most regular enemies, though the style is very effective against bosses. As you successfully guard against enemy attacks, your Guard gauge will fill up with energy. You can then release it back at enemies for massive damage. A fully charged Guard gauge release is one of the most powerful single attacks in the game.

Royal Guard offers the most benefit only when you have knowledge of an enemy’s attacks. Therefore, it may not be recommended for beginners or players who prefer evading to guarding.

Recommendation: ★ ★

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