Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Mission 9 – Genesis Walkthrough

A complete walklthrough for Mission 9 - Genesis in Devil May Cry 5, including mission objectives, boss strategy guides, and orb locations

Mission 9 – Genesis Walkthrough

Mission 9 - Genesis Walkthrough

1 Continue moving forward and defeat the enemies that appear.
2 Defeat the Behemoth.
3 Use Devil Trigger to destroy the debris blocking the path.
4 Eliminate the enemies to break the seal.
5 Defeat any enemy that will stop you from moving forward.
6 Quash the Death Scissors to break the seal.
7 Go to Nico’s shop, then proceed to the next area.
8 Defeat the Nobodies to get the legendary weapon.


Battle with the Behemoth

Mission 9 - Genesis Walkthrough

The Behemoth is easy to deal with during the early stages of the fight since it moves quite slowly. It will sometimes collide with other enemies, killing them. This will make your job a little easier. After falling to around half HP, the creature releases two tentacles from its mouth and becomes both faster and more aggressive. Avoid its attacks and use Nightmare to quickly finish it off.

Battle with the Nobodies

Mission 9 - Genesis Walkthrough

The Nobodies are pesky and agile creatures. Their attacks can be quite easy to avoid when using Nero. However, since you are using V this mission, you will need to improve your dodging skills. You cant use Shadow or Nightmare to deal with these demons while using Griffon to escape from tight areas.

A Nobody jumps around the field and focuses on attacking V instead of his summons. After receiving enough damage, it will change its mask and transform into a bomb-throwing monster. Avoid the eyeball bombs before they explode.

Orb Locations

Blue Orb

Mission 9 - Genesis Walkthrough

Mission 9 - Genesis Walkthrough

1.) Before destroying the Demon Tree Blood Clot to open the path seen in the image, collect the blue orb on the circular platform.

Mission 9 - Genesis Walkthrough

Mission 9 - Genesis Walkthrough

2.) Go down the hole as seen in the first image above. You will need to climb several steps in order to grab the blue orb in the second image.

Gold Orb

Mission 9 - Genesis Walkthrough

1.) There is an area early on in the mission where you have to use Nightmare to break a wall. Collect the gold orb that was hiding behind it.

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