Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Mission 15 – Diverging Point Nero Walkthrough

A complete walklthrough for Mission 15 - Diverging Point Nero in Devil May Cry 5, including mission objectives, boss strategy guides, and orb locations.

Mission 15 – Diverging Point Nero Walkthrough

1 Move forward until you get to a cutscene where you’re to choose between two paths: One with spikes that shoot out from the ground and another that leads to a pit where demons spawn.
2 Head down the middle path and go to the left. Destroy the Demon Tree Blood clot.
3 Go back to the middle path and continue until you find a Gerbera Devil Breaker.
4 Use Punch Line to grapple your way up the path with the spikes.
5 Pass through the spikes with well timed double jumps. Head down the corridor to find an area where the spikes jut out from the sides. Time your movements to get past them and to a Ragtime Devil Breaker.
6 Go to the very bottom of the map where spikes jut out from the walls. Look for the stairway that has a Green Orb Clot. Head down the corridor where the spikes jut out and linger. Pass through, being careful to avoid the spikes. You will find another Ragtime Devil Breaker at the end of the path.
7 Jump toward the rock formation on the right. Jump again to the upper left and then again to the upper right. Be careful of the spikes and time your jumps accordingly until you reach a pathway with a Green Orb clot.
8 Jump down the ledge and defeat the spawning demons. The path will clear once the demons have all been dealt with. Destroy the caskets to get some Red Orbs and get the Punch Line near the wall you jumped from. Head down the pathway and grab the floating Red Orbs.
9 Customize your items at the Divinity Statue. Strike down the Red and Green Orb Clots before going straight down the path to grab the Rawhide. Head to a small area and defeat the spawning demons. Make sure to destroy the destructible walls in order to get some additional Red Orbs.
10 Follow the corridor and head to the left. Here, you will find some Red Orbs and a Rawhide Devil Breaker. Head toward the small area and defeat the demons trapped in cages. Destroy all the cages and look for a cage with a hole on the ground. Fall through it to reach a room with white light on the floor.
11 Destroy the destructible walls to the right and defeat the floating demon.
12 Follow the illuminated trail until you reach a big area. Defeat the enemies, including the Giant Mantis, to break the seal.
13 Head down the path after defeating the enemies. You will find another Divinity Statue and Green and Red orb clots. Destroy the clots to restore HP and gain red orbs. Afterward, head down the path where you’ll find another Rawhide Devil Breaker.
14 Defeat the enemies in the area with a small tower in the middle. Stand on the indicator just before the pathway and use the grapple hook to the right of the area. Work your way to the small path and defeat the enemies.
15 After defeating the enemies, head down the path and look for some ledges. Follow the Red Orbs until you reach a high area with a Blue Orb Fragment.
16 Head back to the pathway for a quick cutscene. Defeat the enemies to break the seal and move on to the next area.
17 Move down the pathway until you trigger a cutscene.
18 Defeat Malphas.

Mission 15 – Diverging Point Nero Walkthrough Strategy

Battle with Malphas

Malphas can use portals to hit Nero. Be wary of where the portals appear and steer clear from them. Malphas also summons a torrent of spikes from the ground. It is best to pelt the demon with your ranged attacks; only go in close for some major damage once you see an opening.

Malphas will transform after reaching half health, covering itself in black goop. After taking this form, it will charge at you for some damage. Do your best to dodge its advances and eventually it will revert back to its normal state.

As you whittle away Malphas’ HP, it will begin to dive into the ground to slowly regain HP. Once he pops out, do your best to deal as much damage as possible. Malphas will eventually transform back into its enraged state, but now with low HP. Do your best to lay waste while dodging its attacks.

Orb Locations

Blue Orb

1.) In the area before the Divinity Statue, use Gerbera to collect the blue orb at the top of the ledge shown in the image above.

2.) Near the path before the boss fight with Malphas, follow the red orbs until you reach a high area where a blue orb fragment is located. Use Grim Grip to collect the blue orb.

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