Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Shop Items List

A list of items that you can purchase in Nico's shop in Devil May Cry 5. Also included are the prices and details regarding the items.

Shop Items

The shop lets you purchase skills and Devil Breakers. The Equipment tab allows you to select which Devil Breakers you’d like to equip.


Shop Items List


Ability No. of Red Orbs Details
Air Hike 2000 Makes a foothold in midair in order for Nero to jump again.
Enemy Step 15000 Use enemies as stepping stones to increase air time.

Red Queen

Skill No. of Red Orbs Details
Roulette Spin 6000 Cut enemies while rotating in the air. Nero rises slightly with the skill’s momentum
Shuffle 11000 ???


Skill No. of Red Orbs Details
Exceed 2 8000 ???

Devil Breakers

Shop Items List

Name No. of Red Orbs
Overture 100
Gerbera 100
Punch Line 200


Shop Items List

The equipment option allows you to arrange Nero’s weapons and equipment before going to battle. Select “Edit” to explore the combinations of items.

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