Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Kalina Ann Abilities and Move List

A guide and movelist for Kalina Ann, Lady's signature weapon and Dante's new firearm in Devil May Cry 5, including button inputs and the attacks' mechanics.

Kalina Ann Abilities and Move List

Kalina Ann is Lady’s signature weapon. As a rocket launcher, Kalina Ann can obliterate enemies from a distance, but it can also serve as a close range weapon due to the bayonet attached to its front. The bayonet can also act as a grappling hook, which improves Lady’s mobility.

Dante will have his own Kalina Ann in Devil May Cry 5.

Mission 11 - Reason Walkthrough

To get the Kalina Ann, proceed to the area that had the three Demon Blood Clots. The image above shows the two secret paths. Down path B, destroy the blood clots and proceed to the room on the right. Keep walking until you encounter a ??? icon. Pick the item up to receive Kalina Ann.

Abilities and Move List

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