Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Mission 11 – Reason Walkthrough

A complete walklthrough for Mission 11 - Reason in Devil May Cry 5, including mission objectives, boss strategy guides, and orb locations.

Mission 11 – Reason Walkthrough

1 Move forward and eliminate the enemies.
2 Destroy the Demon Tree Blood Clots and proceed to the next area.
3 Defeat the enemies to break the seal.
4 Enter the ruins and destroy the three sets of blood clots ahead to open both the main and secret paths.
5 You will get the Kalina Ann weapon in one of the secret paths.
6 Proceed sown the main path.
7 Defeat the Hell Judecca.
8 Move up and defeat the enemies to break the seal ahead.
9 Run to the next area, eliminate the enemies, and examine the Divinity Statue.
10 Battle Cavaliere Angelo.


Getting Kalina Ann

To get the Kalina Ann weapon, proceed to the area that had the three Demon Blood Clots. The image above shows the two secret paths. Down the B path, destroy the blood clots and proceed to the room on the right. Keep walking until you encounter a ??? icon. Pick the item up to receive Kalina Ann.

Battle with the Hell Judecca

The Hell Judecca is a fairly easy fight, but you will have to focus on its minions first. After defeating the minions, use Balrog to gain the upper hand against the Hell Judecca in terms of speed. Whenever it teleports to another location, use Kalina Ann to bombard it with rockets from afar.

Battle with Cavaliere Angelo

Cavaliere Angelo uses its cape to guard against Dante’s attacks. Whenever Dante performs a combo against the boss, Cavaliere Angelo will either perform a set of slashes or have his guard broken. Using Sparda increases the chance of his guard breaking. Its combo starts with three horizontal slashes then finishing it with a vertical one.

The boss uses lightning whenever it is far from Dante or whenever it teleports away. Cavaliere Angelo also has two special attacks. In the first, it charges its blade and summons several lightning bolts. In the second, it starts glowing before performing a devastating slash while teleporting before Dante. Keep away once it charges its blade and be prepared to dodge once its body glows.

Orb Locations

Blue Orb

1.) Proceed to the area that had the three Demon Blood Clots. Down path A, destroy the blood clots and defeat enemies to reach the end of the path. A Blue Orb awaits you at the end.

Purple Orb

1.) Go to the area with the circular platform. Defeat the enemies to break the seal. A purple orb sits atop a nearby ledge.

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