Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Orb Types

A list of the various orbs players come across when playing through Devil May Cry 5, as well as their effects.

Orb Types

There are various orbs that players encounter in different stages in the game. Each of the orb types have different effects when collected.

Red Orb

Red orbs are demonic stones which are made from devil’s blood. Players collect these whenever they slay demons. Collecting red orbs is essential, since they are used when when purchasing skills and weapons at Nico’s shop.

Green Orb

Green orbs are devils’ body fluids crystallized and transform into a manastone. These orbs allow the player to recover a certain amount of physical strength when acquired.

Blue Orb

Blue Orbs increases a character’s maximum HP. You can purchase these orbs at the shop or collect hidden pieces to craft them.

Purple Orb

Acquiring a Purple Orb increases your magical power. Similar to Blue Orbs, you can purchase Purple Orbs at the shop or find pieces of them hidden in stages.

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