Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Secret Mission 2 Walkthrough

A walkthrough for Secret Mission 2 in Devil May Cry 5, including where to find it and strategies on defeating it.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission 2 Walkthrough


DMC5 Secret Mission 2

DMC5 Secret Mission 2

Secret Mission 2 is found in Mission 3 – Flying Hunter. It is accessed at the bottom of the spiral stairway. Stand in the hollow entrance below and look back to access the mission.


Mission Objective
Do not let any Red Empusas escape.
Time Limit


Focus on bursting down the Red Empusas before they split up

Red Empusas will appear in three waves, requiring you to kill a total of six.

The first wave consists of just one Red Empusa that will appear in the center. You can easily take it out with combos.

The second wave consists of two Red Empusas. They will appear further to the right of the first wave. Only the first will appear while the second spawns a moment later. Try to burst down the first one with a charged Devil Breaker attack so you will immediately be ready to focus on the second one.

The third wave consists of three Red Empusas that will appear on the far left of the area. All three appear at the same time, making it quite a challenge to let none of them escape. To get them all, quickly rush to the far left of the area where the third wave spawns with Overture equipped. Overture’s wide attack area allows you to keep all three enemies stuck in the corner before they split up. You can also use Rawhide to keep them from scurrying in different directions.

Use Ground Combos

Since Red Empusas cannot be reliably launched into the air, going for air combos wastes time. Focus on ground combos and Devil Breaker attacks before any of the Red Empusas get too far apart from each other.

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