Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Devil Sword Dante Abilities and Move List

A guide and movelist for Devil Sword Sparda, Dante's most powerful weapon in Devil May Cry 5, including button inputs and the attacks' mechanics.

Devil Sword Dante Abilities and Move List

Devil Sword Dante

When Dante learned about the Yamato’s ability to separate man from demon, he tested to see if the Rebellion did the opposite. Stabbing himself with the sword while the legendary weapon Sparda was on his back, the Rebellion combined the power of Sparda with Dante’s own demonic powers. The result was the Sin Devil Trigger and the new Devil Sword Dante.

The Devil Sword Dante is usable after Mission 12. You will no longer be able to use Rebellion or Sparda after this new weapon is unlocked.

Abilities and Move List

Dante can perform the same moves he did with Rebellion and Sparda with the Devil Sword Dante. However, there are several additional moves and abilities. If you use the Swordmaster style, Dante can summon spirit swords which are similar to Vergil’s Summoned Swords.

Here is a table of the Devil Sword Dante’s added:

Trickster yIncrease Mobilit
Swordmaster Summon Swords
Royal Guard Increase Defense
Gunslinger Automatic Interception

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