Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Secret Mission 3 Walkthrough

A walkthrough for Secret Mission 3 in Devil May Cry 5, including where to find it and strategies on clearing it.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission 3 Walkthrough


Secret Mission 3 is found in Mission 4 – V. Nidhogg Hatchling spawns at the back of the hidden passage.


Mission Objective
Get all Red Orbs.
Time Limit
30 seconds


Scower the area counterclockwise

Like other timed missions, you need to employ some fancy footwork.

Gather six red orbs in the air on the right side. Then, snatch eight more around the desk. Unless you have Quickplay, be careful as to not break the desk, since this will penalize you.

Seize the remaining six orbs from the bookshelf. If you search the area thoroughly moving counterclockwise, you should be finished by the time you arrive at the entrance.

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