Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Stylish Rank System

A quick run through about Devil May Cry 5's Stylish Rank system and how it affects your playing experience.

Devil May Cry 5 is all about whipping demonic butt with style. As such, DMC5 incorporates the Stylish Rank system, which has become a staple throughout the series’ titles. For those new to Devil May Cry, here are the basics of why you should destroy demons in the flashiest ways possible.

Stylish Rank = Graded Style Points

You will be graded for your performance after each level in DMC5. Whenever you kill an enemy, they drop a number Red Orbs which you need to collect in order to garner a higher rank. How well you fare in battle determines how many Red Orbs you’ll collect when completing a stage.

Your Stylish rank rises whenever you attack an opponent using various combos without taking damage from enemies. The higher the stylish points, the higher your rank will be.

The total number of Red Orbs collected is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Meanwhile, during battles you can see how many Style Points you’ve acquired during a battle via a counter at the right side of the screen.

Loss of Stylish Points

Your Stylish Points go down whenever you are hit by enemies or when you’re unsuccessful in maintaining your combos. These will lower your overall grade once you complete a stage. It is best to avoid getting hit by enemies while keeping your combos high.

Turn it Up!

The game’s Background Music changes whenever your Stylish Rank rises. Four kinds of music are available, depending on your rank. Try to listen for music changes, as they are a good indication of your current Stylish Rank.

Stylish Rank List

Here is a list of Stylish Rank ratings you can get after completing a level:

Smokin’ Sexy Style
Sick Skills

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