Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Mission 4 – V Walkthrough

A complete walklthrough for Mission 4 - V in Devil May Cry 5, including mission objectives, boss strategy guides, and orb locations.

Mission 4 – V Walkthrough

Mission 4 - V Walkthrough

1 Learn how to use Shadow and Griffon to defeat the enemies.
2 Proceed to the previously blocked area and press forward.
3 Defeat the Pyrobats.
4 Go to the next area and eliminate the enemies using Nightmare.
5 Move along the tracks and destroy the blood clots.
6 Proceed to the next area and defeat the enemies.
7 Go inside the building and collect the purple and white orbs.
8 Move to the next area and kill the enemies to break the seal.
9 Go forward and defeat the enemies. Find and use Nidhogg Hatchlings to break blockages in the area.
10 After buying from Nico’s shop, go to the next area.
11 Defeat Nidhogg.



Reading is essential in order for V to quickly fill up his Devil Trigger (DT) gauge. While the enemies are busy dealing with Griffon and Shadow, V can read as to summon Nightmare faster.

Battle with Nidhogg

Mission 4 - V Walkthrough

In the early stages of the battle, let Shadow and Griffon attack the three tentacles while avoiding Nidhogg’s attacks. Once the tentacles have been defeated, Nidhogg will fall to the ground. The is the perfect time for your summons to attack him some more. The tentacles will constantly return and the boss will become more aggressive as he loses HP. Repeat this strategy until Nidhogg is defeated.

Orb Locations

Blue Orb

Mission 4 - V Walkthrough

1.) If you go back to the wall with a large piece of graffiti artwork, you can see that it is already broken. Get the blue orb at the highest level of the building.

Mission 4 - V Walkthrough

2.) The second blue orb is located in the area where you used a Nidhogg Hatchling to open the path.

Gold Orb

Mission 4 - V Walkthrough

1.) After the cutscene where the bridge breaks, look back and you will see the gold orb.

Purple Orb

Mission 4 - V Walkthrough

1.) The purple orb is located inside the first building you enter in the mission.

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