Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Red Orb Farming Guide

A guide on how to farm red orbs in Devil May Cry 5, including missions where they can be easily grinded.

Red Orb Farming

Red Orbs are the main form of currency in the Devil May Cry series. These allow players to purchase items in the shop as well as unlock and enhance both abilities and weapons. Red Orbs are obtained defeating enemies, destroying red orb clusters, and as rewards for completing missions.

Recommended Methods for Farming Red Orbs

Replaying Missions

Replaying missions is one of the best ways to farm red orbs, especially those which do not take much time to complete. Missions where you only need to defeat a specific boss are recommended.

Mission 13 – Three Warriors: Dante

Mission 13 with Dante just requires you to battle a multitude of demons like Chaos and Hell Antenora. The area also has a hidden path to gather more red orbs, and even some white orbs to allow you to fill up your Devil Trigger gauge. Just be careful of being overwhelmed as the mission is not very forgiving, especially when you’re up against multiple Chaos who constantly use their spinning attack. You can obtain somewhere between 40,000 to 50,000 red orbs with an S Rank, not including the ton of orbs you get just by slaying the enemies.

Required Skills

Skill Name Type Orb Count Effect
Get More Orbs Ability 50,000 Increases the range from which you can gather orbs
Hat Trick Dr. Faust Inflict damage on all enemies hit by Set Hat while absorbing red orbs
Dr. Faust 2 Dr. Faust Increases the orbs earned and orbs expended while Dr. Faust is equipped. Uses more orbs for higher attack power
Dr. Faust 3 Dr. Faust Increases the orbs earned and orbs expended while Dr. Faust is equipped
Dr. Faust 4 Dr. Faust 500,000 Maximizes orbs earned and orbs expended while Dr. Faust is equipped. A high-risk, high-reward gambit with red orbs on the line.
GS Style Level 2 Gunslinger Gives you Ebony & Ivory: Rainstorm, and Coyote-A: Backslide
GS Style Level 3 Gunslinger 18,000 Gives you Ebony & Ivory: Twosome Time, Coyote-A: Gun Stinger, Kalina Ann: Hysteric, and Dr. Faust: Set Hat 2

Mission 13 – Three Warriors Walkthrough


    1. Turn off Network Settings on the Main Menu Options Screen to prevent online players from intruding.
    1. Start Mission 13 then head to the area with the Space-Time statue.
    1. Purchase the required skills from the statue.
    2. Jump down the pit and perform Mad Hatter (○ button with Gunslinger) with Dr. Faust. Then, use Hat Trick (□ when the hat comes back).
    1. After defeating the waves of enemies, restart from the checkpoint and repeat the process.


Use Hat Trick while Airborne

When it goes berserk, Hell Antenora can easily mess up your use of Hat Trick if you perform it on the ground. As such, be sure to execute the move while airborne.

Hat Trick Requires Timing

This skill does not activate unless you time it well with L1. Practice using Hat Trick to familiarize with the timing.

Retrieve the Orbs Quickly

Attacking an enemy while on Mad Hatter with Dr. Faust 4, you can grab as many as 10,000 red orbs. It is imperative to collect these quickly to avoid losing them.

Mission 17 – Brothers

Mission 17 pits you against Urizen in his final form. Though a bit challenging, you will be able to earn around 20,000 to 30,000 red orbs after obtaining an S Rank at the end of the mission.
Urizen (Final Form)

Mission 19 – Vergil

Mission 19 pits you against Vergil. This is another fairly difficult fight, though memorizing Vergil’s attack patterns will make defeating him much easier. Can also earn you around 20,000 to 30,000 red orbs with an S Rank.

Note that the fight can be really quick if you manage to hit Vergil multiple times with a fully charged Guard Release. He will likely skip his Aerial Charge attack and continue attacking you. This lets you build enough Guard meter to do heavy damage, even to his Devil Trigger form. This lets you farm the mission for red orbs in under three minutes
Vergil Boss Guide

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