Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - V Character Information

Information about V, the newest character in Devil May Cry 5. Included are some of the attacks he uses.

V’s Character Information

V is a man clad all in black. He has tattoos all over his body and carries a cane. The man visits Dante one day at his “Devil May Cry” shop and asks him to kill demons. V fights by using familiars to dispatch his opponents.

V’s Weapons and Skills


Input Details
After summoning Shadow, you can order it to perform melee attacks with the △ button.

V summons a demonic shadow which can change its form. Shadow generally takes the appearance of a quadrupedal demonic beast, but V can freely change its appearance. It can also change into a blade or needle and perform melee attacks in order to assist V.


Input Details
After summoning Griffon, you can order it to perform long range attacks with the □ button.

Griffon is a demon with the appearance of a large bird of prey. V uses Griffon to remotely attack enemies with lightning powers. He can also use Griffon to fly short distances.


Input Details
L1 Nightmare can be summoned with three or more Devil Trigger gauges. Nightmare automatically attacks surrounding enemies and disappears upon depletion of the Devil Trigger gauge.

V summons a gargantuan demon using all his power. Whenever V summons Nightmare, it sometimes turns into a meteorite, and sometimes it bursts through the wall. While it is a bit slow, Nightmare possesses unmatched power and unbeatable durability. Nightmare kills surrounding enemies with physical attacks and pulsating laser beams.


Input Details
Approach enemies in a state of death and press ○

V’s summoned creatures cannot deliver the death blow to enemies. V himself must strike the last blow to kill them when they are in a state of death.

Farthest Move

Input Details
R1+L Analog Stick+× Performs an emergency evasion with the Shadow.

Devil Trigger

Input Details
L2+△ or L2+□ One part of the Devil Trigger gauge is consumed and Shadow or Griffon automatically attack enemies. Their attack strength is increased for a brief period.


Input Details
Press and hold R2 Charges the Devil Trigger gauge. Be careful of using this, since you will be left open to enemy attacks.
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